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ANSI driver..supports EGA and VGA screens.
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ANSI driver..supports EGA and VGA screens.
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Contents of the ANSI_43.DOC file

May 1,1988

This version of the ANSI_43 device driver system works with DOS 3.x
and contains the following files:
ANSI1.SYS Enhanced ANSI Device driver (version 1.5)
ANSIC.COM Driver command program
DEMO.PIC Shows ANSI capabilities and colors
MORE.COM Replaces standard MORE program - recognizes
any display length set by adapter
SDIR.COM Directory display program (version 2.70)
SET35.COM Places EGA/VGA in 35 line mode - provides new
font for use in 35 line mode
SET38.COM Places EGA/VGA in 38 line mode - provides new
font for use at 38 lines per screen
SET43.COM Places EGA/VGA in 43 line mode using internal
font provided by the adapter
SETANSI.ASM Sample assembler program to set key functions
SETKEYS Sample batch file to set function keys
WS43.DAT Input to debug to put Wordstar 3.3x in 43 line
The ANSI_43 device driver system is made available under the
Shareware concept. It can be freely copied for personal use and may be
distributed to others with all files and documentation included and as
long as it is not part of another commercial product.
The user of this system accepts all responsibility as to the use of
this product. The author accepts no liability for damages of any form. No
charge may be made for this system accept as a fee not to exceed $5.00 to
cover the cost of distribution media by registered user groups.

The ANSI1 device driver functions similarly to the ANSI.sys program
provided by IBM and installed in the same way. Enhancements include support
for a larger keyboard function buffer which is about 2.5 times bigger than
the original, color setting capabilities and for EGA/VGA owners, multiple
line (35, 38 & 43 are supplied) display mode. Registered users will also have
the ability to use pages 1 through 3 for text display instead of just page 0
as the IBM ANSI.SYS does.

Installation is accomplished by providing a "DEVICE=ANSI1.SYS"
statement in the config.sys file. Refer to IBM's Disk Operating System
manual for more information if needed. The "ANSIC.COM" program sends your
commands to the ANSI1 driver. Current commands are:

b change text color to blue.
c " " " " cyan.
g green.
m magenta.
r red.
u underline mode for mono adapter
w white.
y yellow (default).
e Enter enhanced- 43 line mode(EGA or VGA graphics adapter
s Enter standard mode- 25 line 80 column.

above example would set red as default text color.

WARNING - Major changes were made to both ANSI1.SYS and ANSIC.COM
since the last release. Do not intermix the driver or the command program
with the previous versions.

ANSI1 now recognizes video mode changes made by other programs in text mode.
When other programs which have made video mode changes return control to DOS
ANSI1 will recognize that mode and continue. Indeed the two programs SET35
and SET38 included with this system, demonstrate this. Some VGA's have the
ability to use line lengths greater than 80 characters. At this time this mode
is NOT supported with ANSI1, however, it does not look to difficult , perhaps
the next version will support this. The type of adapter in use is tested at
the time of initialization therefore in order to use the advanced functions
your EGA/VGA must be the primary adapter.

MORE.COM is intended to replace the standard program of that name
supplied by the vendor. It will recognize the video mode and support screen
display greater(or less) than 25 lines. It should be installed on a path
which will make it available to the system at all times. The vendor version
can then be deleted from its directory.

Included is a version of the popular directory program SDIR.COM
which I modified to recognize the current display mode and adjust its screen
routines accordingly for displaying and clearing the display. It now will
display 1,2,4 or 6 columns of files and when used on a color monitor will
display programs with certain extentions in different colors. (Arc files in
red, Doc files in green etc) Also it recognizes which video page it is
running in and acts accordingly. Other functions will be made available to
registered users.

The SETxx.COM programs may be used with or without the ANSI1 driver.
The MODE CO80 command may be used to return to 25 line mode in these cases.
SET43.COM has additional code to check the amount of memory installed with
the EGA/VGA. SET43.COM does a reset of the video mode, meaning all pages are
cleared. SET35 & SET38 do not do a reset of the video mode and the video pages
are not cleared. While this is usually desireable, it can mean that the cursor
can wind up in an illegal position. When using ANSI1.SYS, the Mode command is
not necessary as an internal command (Ansic s or e) is used instead.

SETKEYS (a batch file) and SETANSI.ASM (for assembler users) provide a
means to use ANSI1's key redefinition function. Now,however,you have about
2.5 times more buffer space than in the original ANSI.SYS which permits use
of the SHIFT, CONTROL, and ALTERNATE keys in conjunction with the Function

WS43.DAT is the input to DEBUG.COM for changing Wordstar 3.3x to 43
line mode. See Dec. 10,1985 issue of PC magazine for details. Of course
always modify a copy never the original. Put WS.COM and DEBUG on the same
disk with WS43.DAT and enter DEBUG
Now to the last part. I have obviously expended a lot of effort to
get this implementation completed. As you might expect I would like you to
register your usage of this program system for a suggested fee of $15. In
return you get a very useful program (whether or not you have an EGA/VGA),
notification of the next release (if any) and you will be given the key to
unlock the capability to use page 1 through 3 in addition to 0 which you
already use (CGA and EGA/VGA users only-as the mono adapter does not have
paging-sorry). Each video page can have a different default color which makes
determining the video page your on easy. In any case feel free to communicate
your comments or program problems.

When registering please advise which version of ANSI1.SYS you have.

Send registration fees and comments to:

John Bilbro
748 E. Kettle Pl.
Littleton, Colo. 80122

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