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QuadEase Version 1.41 - a spectacular VGA screensaver with excellent animation and palette-changing effects. Completely configurable from number of lines, animation speed, palette-changing speed, to a password option.
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QuadEase Version 1.41 – a spectacular VGA screensaver with excellent animation and palette-changing effects. Completely configurable from number of lines, animation speed, palette-changing speed, to a password option.
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Contents of the QUADEASE.DOC file

* QuadEase Version 1.41
* VGA ScreenSaver by Kenneth B. Foreman
* Copyright (c) 1992, All rights are reserved.

Welcome to QuadEase Version 1.41 by Kenneth B. Foreman. QuadEase
is an intelligent VGA screensaver, which changes the color palette
as quickly as your computer system supports... but no faster! This
means no flickering for fast graphics.
QuadEase is also COMPLETELY configurable. You can change everything
from number of lines, the animation rate, the palette changing speed,
to a password.
Some screen savers are designed with incredible graphics, but these
graphics often fill the entire screen... so that rather than burning
an image into the screen, all phosphors burnt equally. Why accelerate
this deterioration process? The philosophy behind QuadEase is to provide
as much "black space" as possible, while also providing an entertaining
QuadEase uses a single image mirrored over four quadrants, while
undergoing both a slight color change, and a palette shift after so
so many cycles. Upon exiting, QuadEase informs you of the number of
cycles that were run, and the amount of time that the screensaver was

quadease [options]
[options] can be any of the following
/P& enable password, where & is the password to be used.
/D% change delay, where % is the delay in milliseconds.
/L% change number of lines, where % is the number of lines.
/C% change palette rate, where % is the number of cycles.

while QuadEase is operating as a screensaver, some keys can be
pressed to change or pause the animation. These keys are as follows:
[B] toggle background palette-shifting
[+] increase delay between cycles
[-] decrease delay between cycles
[1] increase number of lines
[2] decrease number of lines
[SPACEBAR] pause animation until next keypress
[ESC] quit

This program may be freely distributed (which is encouraged )AS IS.
No one may modify this program in ANY way. No modifications may be made
where names and credit are given- INCLUDING all the documentation.
It may NOT be used for commercial or profit-turning ventures of any kind,
including sale by disk vendors, without the written consent of Kenneth
B. Foreman, BUT WITH ONE EXCEPTION. Disk vendors MAY sell it without the
author's/programmer's written consent ONLY no more than four dollars
higher than the cost of the disk, AND they register it first. NOTHING
may be added to the QuadEase package. NO BBS ads are allowed EXCEPT
as zip comments, or as a single SEPARATE text file.
QuadEase was developed and programmed by Kenneth B. Foreman.
Additional programming and VGA effects were made possible by Ed T.
Toton III. The QuadEase program and documentation is copyrighted,
and all rights are reserved.
This program is distributed AS IS, without any expressed or implied
guarantees regarding performance and effects. While QuadEase has been
tested on various computers, has no foreseeable side-effects, and has
been programmed to handle common errors and system discrepancies...
no promise can be made that QuadEase will work -as intended and without
fault- on your computer system.

QuadEase was created in the concept of Shareware. As a shareware user
myself, I understand that it is easy to fall behind in supporting a
programmer's work. I also know what it is like to have "crippled"
software that doesn't have complete abilities until registered, or to be
excessively reminded about registeration.
This is the ONLY comment and reminder that you will see about
QuadEase. If you should happen to enjoy using QuadEase, and use it
regularly, a registeration fee would be appreciated. This registeration
fee allows me to continue my Shareware programming... it also makes me
aware my Shareware is appreciated. I ask no more than $4.00 for
registering QuadEase... but with this fee comes the warm knowledge that
you are supporting a Shareware programmer, and also entitles you for
notice about my other Shareware releases.
Should you include a floppy disk with your registeration, I will
return to you the latest version of QuadEase plus my other Shareware
Regardless of whether you wish to register QuadEase, you are
encouraged to mail me with your comments, criticism, or ideas for later
versions. All mail will be read, and responded to whereas possible.
You can send mail to me at:

Kenneth B. Foreman
2377 Ballard Way
Ellicott City, MD 21042

A fine Bulletin Board System (BBS) which you can call and contact me at
is Sorcerer's Quarters BBS, which currently supports up to 2400 baud.
Sorcerer's Quarters is online 24 hours a day, with 86 megs online. Other
shareware can also be downloaded from Sorcerer's Quarters.

Sorcerer's Quarters BBS
(410) 290-3752
300-2400 baud, online 24 hours a day

I hope that you enjoy using QuadEase, and may I hear from you soon!

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