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TSR ruler measures horiz & vert screen inches.
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TSR ruler measures horiz & vert screen inches.
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* *
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* *
* A Program that really Measures Up! *
* *
* *
* April 1987 by Douglas C. Fretz *
* *


(For IBM or Compatible)

Sizeit is a memory resident program that allows you the opportunity to
measure on screen the exact size of the space that will be used on paper
when you print the item shown on the screen. This is very useful when you
have a particular location and only a certain amount of space in a
document that you are composing in which to place special information.
Just use Sizeit to measure it on screen to see if it will fit. If not,
you can use Sizeit in rearranging the information to help ensure a fit.

You can operate the program from the floppy disk or load it on a hard
disk. From the prompt just type Sizeit and it will load into ram where it
will stay resident. Or you can include it in your autoexec.bat file so
that Sizeit will be loaded every time you boot up your system. (Note:
When you use this method it is recommended that you have Sizeit loaded

To operate Sizeit just press Ctrl + Alt + Right Shift together. A
horizontal line (bar) will appear indexed in inches. By pressing the
Space bar it will change to a character (or column) counter. Press the
Space bar again and you are back to inches. When you press the Insert key
a vertical line will appear indexed in inches. By pressing the Del key it
will change to a row counter. Press the Del key again and you are back to
inches. Both the horizontal and vertical lines may be moved across the
screen using the arrow keys. The horizontal line can be quickly moved to
the top of the screen by pressing the Home key and to the bottom of the
screen by pressing the end key. Remember that one inch on either of the
lines equates to one inch on paper (you may have to experiment to find the
proper alignment point of the paper in the printer). To remove Sizeit
(the lines) from the screen press the Esc key.

The data bar at the bottom of the screen contains useful information
particularly the column and row counters.

Sizeit may be called from residence into most programs such as Multimate,
dBase III Plus, Lotus 123 and many other programs. It is excellent for
composing bulletins and leaflets especially when you need to make maximum
use of space.

The program is designed to work with DOS version 2.0 and up. Sizeit uses
only 3415 bytes of RAM space, however the size of your RAM must be
sufficient to hold both Sizeit and the program you are using (ex,
Multimate). Although, the program has been tested many times and has been
shown free of defects or problems, the author of the program does not
warrant the program in any way.

Sizeit is being made available as Public Domain Software. It is hoped
that you will find it a valuable and useful addition to your program
library. Feel free to use it and pass it on to your friends.

Although, there is no obligation, to promote and encourage future programs
like this and also if you feel this program has been useful to you and is
worth a $5.00 donation to the author it would be greatly appreciated.
Please send your donation along with any comments or suggestions for other
programs that you might like to see available as Public Domain Software to:

Douglas C. Fretz
3004 Ala Napuaa Pl. Apt # 54
Honolulu, HI 96818

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