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Display 80 x 60 with EGA.
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Display 80 x 60 with EGA.
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Contents of the 8X6.DOC file

This file was downloaded from the QMODEM BBS public node as a .COM file
without documentation. When executed, the file will cause the screen of
an EGA equipped system to display 80 columns and 60 lines instead of the
usual 80 X 25. Some programs work well with it, some ignore it. The
following programs were tested, and worked.

PROCOMM Ver 2.4.2. QMODEM Ver 2.3. dBASE III +. Timeline Project
Manager. EDWIN Ver 1.5B. Norton Utilities Ver 3.10. DESKTEAM Ver 1.04.

AUTOMAXX Ver 2.33 will start in the 80 x 60 mode, but will disable it when
you exit to DOS.

ENABLE Ver 1.15 and LOTUS 1 2 3 Ver 2.01 ignored it.

All in all, it is a nice little utility to put more information on the
screen than will normally fit.

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