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Onscreen FONT Viewer for Turbo C (Uses Turbo C Graphics). Includes full Turbo C source code.
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Onscreen FONT Viewer for Turbo C (Uses Turbo C Graphics). Includes full Turbo C source code.
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Contents of the VIEWFONT.DOC file

ViewFont.CVersion 1.3 Copyright (c) 1989 Jim Bumgardner

First Release (Version 1.2)11-08-88

Onscreen FONT Viewer for Turbo C (Uses Turbo C Graphics).
Latest Version may be found on CooperWorks (608-271-3685).

ViewFont C allows you to preview a font on the screen (if you have
graphics). I use ViewFont in conjunction with FONTFILT (FNTFLT20.ARC),
to view transformed fonts. It makes font manipulations a lot easier
and prevents me from wasting paper.

ViewFont works with the Turbo C graphics drivers, and is linked
with a Hercules, CGA and EGAVGA driver. If you have some other graphics
system, you will need the corresponding .BGI driver.

ViewFont displays as many characters on the screen as it can fit.
It positions each one correctly using the left_offset and top_offset
information in the character header.

Use the arrow keys to see other letters, or type the character that
you want to see. Hit ESC or CTRL-C quit.

Second Release (Version 1.3) 8/25/89

Fixes first release to correctly display fonts on EGA (and hopefully
VGA) screens. Also adds information about the characters by drawing
left line, right line, and baseline for each. These fully describe
the size of the character.

Now included (in addition to the C source) is the (Turbo) assembly
source for the EGA character output routine and its object code
(for those without Turbo Assembler.)


You may also be interested in FONTFILT.

FONTFILT Version 2.0 Copyright (c) 1988 Jim Bumgardner

Contents of this Archive (FNTFLT20.ARC):

FONTFILT.EXEFont Filter Program
FNTFLT20.DOCThis File.

The latest version of FONTFILT (FNTFLTXX) can be found at CooperWorks

About the Program
FONTFILT.EXE can perform 11 different transformations on HP Laserjet Fonts.

It is meant to replace the individual filters (MAKESHAD.EXE,
MAKEHOLL.EXE etc.) distributed in FONTFILT.ARC, FONTFLT2.ARC and
XFNTFILT.ARC. All the effects available in those programs may be done
by the program FONTFILT.EXE in this archive. The program is faster,
and there are no size limitations.

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