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Improves your laptop cursor.
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Improves your laptop cursor.
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Cursor for Laptops


If you have a laptop computer with an LCD screen, you've played
the game of "Where's the cursor?". It's almost impossible to find
the thing. If you get the contrast just right and the display
bright enough its there, but boy is it hard to spot.

There are commercial products available which turn the cursor
into a big block so its easy to see. But I'm too cheap to go and
pay $39.00 for something like that. So I wrote my own. It's not
too hard.

It's called "Clap".


This program should be distributed with two files. The one you
are reading is the documentation. The other one "CLAP.COM" is the
program. Copy it onto your boot disk (or root directory if you
have a hard disk) and add the line
{where n is the number of 1/18th seconds to wait
before changing the cursor}
to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Thats all there is to it.

It is a very small TSR which just makes a big block cursor,
flashing at the specified interval.

You can modify the pulse rate of the "cursor" by changing the
value of "n". If you don't specify any value you get a default of
9 which means the cursor pulses at 1/2 second intervals. (1/2
second on; 1/2 second off). A smaller value pulses faster, a
slower value pulses slower. eg.
CLAP - pulses 1/2 second intervals
CLAP 9 - pulses 1/2 second intervals
CLAP 4 - pulses 1/4 second intervals
CLAP 18 - pulses 1 second intervals


When I wrote this thing, I didn't really want to make it
shareware. I thought I'd just make it public domain. But then I
thought of all the money I'm saving you ($39.00) and changed my
mind. Here's the deal.

I've invented a new class of software called CHAR-WARE. It's
pronounced "chair-ware" and is an abreviation of "CHARity
softWARE". If you try this software and like it enough to keep on
using it then donate $10.00 to a local charity. You choose the
organization, you pay the money and you get the benefit. If you
can't find a charity, look up "churches" in the yellow pages of
the phone book. Most everyone listed there will help you.

You can of course keep on using this software for free but you'll
feel like a cad forever. And this new scheme has lots of
benefits. There's no registration form, no check to mail, very
little effort. And the amount of good that can be done with just
$10.00 makes it more that worth while to the charities.


I don't claim this program will work. I don't think it will blow
anything up but if it does I'm not taking any heat or
responsibility for it. If you use this program you're on your own.

I've tested it with several versions of DOS and Desqview. The
only one which gave any sort of trouble is PC-DOS 3.2. And then
only screen scrolling is a bit wierd.


If you want the source for this, you can write me a nice letter
and include a 2 floppy disks. I'll put the program on one and
return it to you. I'll keep the other in lieu of payment to cover
my postage costs.

Les Woolsey
Innovative Technology Inc.
101-2710 Lancaster Rd.
Ottawa Ontario
Canada K1B 4W8

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