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Fancy Ansi screen control.
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Fancy Ansi screen control.
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Contents of the ZANSI.DOC file

*----- ZANSI 1.2 ----*

Thomas Hanlin III
1712 Maple Hill Pl.
Alexandria VA 22302

ZANSI copyright (C) 1986-1987, Thomas Hanlin III. Refer any problems
to me at the above address.

This is the Zephyr ANSI driver, based on Daniel Kegel's excellent ANSI
driver, NANSI (version 2.2). ZANSI is faster than NANSI and takes up less
memory and disk space. However, ZANSI is slightly less powerful, as it is
missing the nonstandard character translation handler provided with NANSI.
It is also missing the keyboard translation capabilities provided by ANSI
and NANSI. This was originally a ZANSI bug, but has become a feature due
to lack of any complaint about it! As far as I can guess, nobody uses
that feature, so I reduced the size of ZANSI by removing it entirely.

Distribution policy follows Mr. Kegel's rules: ZANSI may be distributed
for educational and personal use only. Commercial use is forbidden. If you
need such a product for commercial applications, please contact Mr. Kegel
about his program, NANSI. He may be contacted at the following address:
Daniel Kegel, 2648 169th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98008.

ZANSI replaces whatever ANSI driver you currently have installed (if
any). To use it, you should copy ZANSI.SYS to the root directory of the
disk(s) you use to boot up (start) your computer. You must also have the
following line in the file CONFIG.SYS in the root directory of your boot

If you have DEVICE=ANSI.SYS or DEVICE=NANSI.SYS, you must remove it
before the DEVICE=ZANSI.SYS line.

If this isn't clear to you, please consult your DOS manual.


Print speed comparisons, with normal text:
(Tests done on a Compaq Portable with a Microsoft Mach 10 speedup board
running an 8086 processor at 9.54 MHz)

ANSI is 18.1% faster than no device driver.

NANSI is 39.9% faster than no device driver,
or 26.5% faster than ANSI.

ZANSI is 44.7% faster than no device driver,
or 32.4% faster than ANSI,
or 8.0% faster than NANSI.

Memory requirement comparisons:

No driver: 0 bytes
ANSI : 1536 bytes
NANSI : 3200 bytes
ZANSI : 2720 bytes


Assembly language programmers: The source code to ZANSI is included.
To create a working copy of ZANSI.SYS, you need to do the following:


You can ignore the "no stack" warning error produced by LINK.

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