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Timed screen blanker (1-9 min.).
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Timed screen blanker (1-9 min.).
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GENERAL FUNCTION: To blank screen after set period of inactivity.

WHY IS IT NEEDED? An image left on a screen can burn into the
phosphor, producing faint background images.

INSTALLATION: Run once after each time reboot.


EXAMPLES: SCRN 7 [blank screen after 7 minutes inactivity]

HOW TO USE IT:Put it in an AUTOEXEC.BAT file. The minutes can be any
single digit from 1-9.If no time is specified, will blank after 10 minutes.

OTHER EFFECTS: Blanked screen can be restored by striking a key: e.g. alt

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Works with DOS 1.1 and 2.X. Works with all

COMMENTS: This program is a major enhancement over previous versions.
It satisfies the following design criteria.

1. Must turn "both" color and monochrome monitors off, not
just the active monitor on two monitor systems.
2. Must function in a single monitor environment with either
monitor attached.
3. Must be extremely frugal in execution. Since this routine
will be executed at each timer interrupt,or 18.2 times/sec,
and at each keyboard interrupt the routine must have the
minimum of overhead so as not to degrade system performance.
4. Must be able blank background on color monitor as well as
foreground text or graphics.
5. Should utilize the User Exit Interrupt provided in the
Timer Routine. [INT 1C] (This can be considered optional)
6. Handle the blanking of the cursor on the Monochrome display
more efficiently.
7. Output to the Monitor(s) should reset the timeout counter
within the delay window but not turn the video back on if
a timeout has occurred.
8. Optional Parameter to set Delay Interval from 1 to 10 min.


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