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A TSR that allows you to "snip" a portion of the screen and redirect it to the printer, a disk, or to the keyboard buffer. Includes ASM source. Now supports a mouse.
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A TSR that allows you to “snip” a portion of the screen and redirect it to the printer, a disk, or to the keyboard buffer. Includes ASM source. Now supports a mouse.
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Contents of the CDP.DOC file


JUNE 29, 1991

CDP is freeware, which means that you can use this program free
of charge, forever. If you decide you like it so much that you
can't possibly live without the source, send me a couple bucks
to cover the postage and the paper(all 2 sheets) and I'll send
you a copy.

SUPPORT: You have two choices: You can either E-Mail me or
send me a letter.

via E-Mail

FIDO: 1:261/1090 to Will Hobday
WWIV: [email protected]

via US Mail

Will Hobday
14204 Pioneer Circle
Glenelg, MD 21737



CD PLUS is basically an 'enhancement' to the DOS CD command. It
is not like Norton NCD or any of its many clones nor is it meant
to be. There are no command line switches, no external files, no
directory trees, no bells, no whistles, no windows, no artificial
intelligence, just CD PLUS plain and simple.

CDP's premise is not new, there are dozens of similar programs out
there. They all lacked the things I most desired -> SPEED and
SIMPLICITY! Most of them maintained seperate directory indexs and
search files. Not only did these need to be searched, but they
also needed to be updated. Much to much overhead, there had to be
a faster way. Others would ask for conformation upon conformation.
Nothing seemed as simple to use as plain ol' DOS! Thus CDP was
born! CDP is written in 100% hand-optimized assembly. It is the
fastest after market directory changer as well as the smallest
(BY FAR!!!) I hope you enjoy it.......



If you've ever used CD then CDP should come natural. It
works similiar to DOS's CD except: There is no need to type the
whole directory name, just use enough letters to make it unique.
Names can be seperated by any number or combination of the following
chars '/','\','.' or ' '. Typing CDP alone will do one of two things.
It will take you to the first directory up the tree if it exists,
otherwise it takes you the parent dir. Well, thats about it, pretty
simple, huh?



To get the most effective use of CDP I recommend using it with a
command line editor that supports aliasing such as Anarkey, CED,
etc. Set CDP up under the alias 'CD'. Therefore, when you type
'cd ' at the DOS prompt CDP will be called and when you type 'cd\'
DOS CD will be called. Pretty neat, huh?



2.4 Minor Enhancement
- works from current directory or root

2.3 Released to public
- added functions for no parameters

2.2 Minor Bug
- wasn't flushing directory buffer correctly

2.1 Optimized procedures
- i.e. removed calls and made them inline

2.0 Total rewrite
- Discovered much better way to do it

1.2 First fully working version
- ungainly as hell


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