Dec 142017
New HDILOAD.EXE for ATI Ultra/Graphics Ultra boards.
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New HDILOAD.EXE for ATI Ultra/Graphics Ultra boards.
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Download File HDILOAD.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file


Copy all of the files from this disk to you C:\HDIPCDOS
subdirectory, the only file on this disk that will be different is
HDILOAD.EXE. In your current C:\HDIPCDOS subdirectory, all of
the font files will remain the same.

Load the Adapter Interface by using the HDILOAD command.
When you have finished using the Adapter Interface you may use the
HDILOAD UNLOAD to remove the Adapter Interface.

These commands may also be added to a batch file to load and unload the
Adapter Interface as well.

If you have any Questions you may contact

ATI Technologies Inc.
3761 Victoria Park Avenue
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada, M1W 3S2

ATI Technologies Inc.
Customer Support at
or FAX

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