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A utility to set video text modes.
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A utility to set video text modes.
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Contents of the SETV.DOC file

SETV 2.0

Sets VGA to 7 text resolutions

Bob Eyer
Apr 11, 1991



The possible modes may be listed by entering SETV with no

There should be virtually no risk of damaging your video equipment
on use of SETV: This program will not permit display of anything
but the help screen, if the adaptor detected is not VGA.

If you run a display program, such as an editor, which scrambles
your video after running SETV, just reboot.

Video scrambling is most likely to occur in some programs, when
the screen width is set to 132 rather than 80, and is due to the
failure of the display program to take into account large screen
widths. A few programs, such Vern Buerg's LIST, will take
132-column modes into account.

SETV supports both 132x25 and 132x44 132-line modes.

All of SETV's modes except 40x25 and (N)ormal mode require a more
sophisticated ANSI driver than DOS's ANSI.SYS. The latter is
limited chiefly by failing to account for screens longer than 25
lines. Recommendation: Use NANSI.SYS (found on many bulletin
boards) instead. The syntax to use in your CONFIG.SYS will be the
same. And NANSI.SYS provides faster screens and more flexible

This program is circulated as freeware without any guarantee or
warranty; and the user, by downloading this program, or any
variant thereof or by receiving it or any of its versions in any
other form, agrees to accept full responsibility for its use. It
is therefore understood that the user accepts this program or any
previous version as is.

Bob Eyer The author may also be reached at
Compuserve [73230,2620] ROSE MEDIA 416-733-2285 (Main Conf)
Toronto CMIX 416-277-2363
Canada CANADA REMOTE 416-629-7044

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