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Utility to capture screen text to a file for later viewing and/or editing.
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Utility to capture screen text to a file for later viewing and/or editing.
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Contents of the CAPBUF.DOC file

CAPBUF is a memory resident (TSR) program that lets you capture any text
screen and save it for later processing or printing. It is quite useful for
programs that do not otherwise provide means of printing their results. Use
it for intermediate results of games, or collecting copies of messages while
on a bulletin board.

To install the program, type:


A file will be created in the root of your current directory. It's named
"captured.buf". You can then run any programs you wish. When you find a
screen that you want to save, press Alt-J, and that screen will be appended
to your collection. When finished, you can print it out, or use any
wordprocessor to edit it. Note that if you enter the command


it may appear that there are extra lines. These will not appear on
printing, though. When you are finished with a session, be sure to rename
the 'captured.buf' file, since the next time the program starts, it will
erase any previous file it finds.

To remove CAPBUF, just enter the program name again. You will then be asked
if you want to remove it. Any captured material will still be available.

If you capture long sessions, you may find that there are numerous blank
lines. Or you might have a printer that cannot handle the line drawing
characters. The utility FILTER.EXE is included to help in these situations.
It will strip extra blank lines and convert line drawing characters to
blanks. To run this program, just type "FILTER". A new file,
'FILTERED.BUF' will be created in your root directory.

Shareware is a means of distributing software. Under the shareware concept,
software may be freely copied and passed along to others, or distributed
through bulletin board systems or national networks.

As a recipient of a shareware program, you may use the software for a short
trial period to determine if it meets your needs. If the software is not
suitable, then you can discard it. If you decide to use it, you must pay by
registering. When you register a Cascoly shareware program, you receive:

* A copy of the latest version of the program
* A bonus of any other Cascoly program of equal or lesser value
(see REGISTER.FRM for details)
* A free introductory account on CompuServe including a private User
ID number and password, $15 introductory usage credit, and a
complimentary subscription to CompuServe Magazine, - a $30 value!
* A minimum of 90 days online support via CompuServe or by
telephone. Support by mail is also available, if accompanied
by a SASE.
* With some programs, you will also receive bonus maps, datasets
or puzzles.

To register a program, enter the following command:


and the order form will be copied to your printer. Check off the program
you wish to register, and check the program you wish to receive as a bonus.

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