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Utility to id your video card and tell what it will handle.

Full Description of File

.EXE file which tells you easily what your
video card is compatible with and what can it
handle... Extremly easy to use. Just load...
A must for people who dont know their video.

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Utility to id your video card and tell what it will handle.
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Contents of the SVGATEST.DOC file

- - SvgaTest.Doc for Mono.exe Program, Version 3.03 - -

SVGAT303.ZIP Contents:

- MONO.EXEMain program
- SVGATEST.DOC This file


Hardware needed:

- A PC XT-AT or compatible, PS/2 with at least a VGA CARD.
- 256K Ram or more.


The program has (Microsoft) mouse support and is meant to test Vga, SuperVga
and IBM8514 /a modes and colors. It draws a screen close to the PHILIPS TV-Test
used by most TV Broadcast. It can be used to verify the aspect ratio of the
video monitor you use, or to trim its controls before starting a session.

Short description:

It has command line interpreter, and two string of characters may be specified,
to be shown on the test, with a $ starting each string (Eg. MONO $TV $AT-486DX)
will show the message TV AT-486DX on the screen.

It is important to have a VGA video card, since the start menu is 640x480x16 as
resolution. At start, the program tests the hardware to detect extended SVGA
modes available, while the screen is cleared. Then a menu is prompted. If a
certain video mode is unavailable to your video bios, the related Button is
not active on the menu.

Modes under test are:

Vga and SuperVga
640x480 16 colors 640x480 256 colors 512K
800x600 16 colors 256K 800x600 256 colors 512K
1024x768 16 colors 512K1024x768 256 colors 1024K

IBM 8514 /AI
640x480 16 colors 640x480 256 colors
1024x768 16 colors1024x768 256 colors 768K


This is a FREEWARE program, and you are free to use, copy, distribute to your
friends and to upload on BBS. The only condition is that you MUST NOT modify
the program and its documentation in any way and you MUST distribute it in its
original zip file format, archived into PkWare's SVGAT303.ZIP format.

The Authors:
Marco Melandri
Claudia Guiducci

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