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Set screen colors, background and foreground.
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Set screen colors, background and foreground.
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Purpose:Sets color attributes on color graphic card

Format:(1) Aurora
(2) Aurora [Background Foreground Border]

Type:Internal External

Remarks: Aurora Borealis is a screen color attribute utility
which is used to assign foreground, background and
border colors for RGB monitors. Version 2.10 will work
properly on both a PC or a PCjr.


The major advantage of Aurora is that it can be
used for user friendly menu selection (Format 1),
and can be used as a command line processor for use in
batch files (Format 2).

Color selection is by number:

[1] - Blue[5] - Magenta
[2] - Green [6] - Yellow
[3] - Cyan[7] - White
[4] - Red[8] - Black

To get the "light" shade of the same color, add 10 when
you enter the corresponding color. For example, to get
light blue, the color would be 11.

Entering a "0" will bypass the attribute selection.

1) This example will call call up the complete user
friendly selection menu:


2) This example will assign a background of blue,
a foreground of bright yellow, and a border of cyan:

A>AURORA 1 16 3

Release: This release of AURORA is version 2.10, Copyright 1984,85
by Bruce R. Drake. All Rights Reserved.

Right Of Copy for Aurora is granted for non-commercial use only.
It may be freely distributed without cost provided that no
alterations are made to the code, and no protection schemes are
attached. For further information contact Bruce R. Drake at
(603) 893-1330.

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