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Replacement for ANSI.SYS - Very nice.
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Replacement for ANSI.SYS – Very nice.
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Contents of the README file

FROM: >INTERNET:[email protected], >INTERNET:[email protected]
TO: Eric Maier, 73540,1531
DATE: 05/04/91 at 21:20

SUBJECT: Message from Internet

Sender: [email protected]
Received: from by (5.61-kk/5.910403)
id AA05006; Sat, 4 May 91 20:54:59 -0400
Received: by (4.1/SMI-4.1)
id AA04318; Fri, 3 May 91 19:15:55 PDT
Date: Fri, 3 May 91 19:15:55 PDT
From: [email protected] (Dan Kegel)
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]

Thanks for your interest in Nansi.
In version 3.1, I have added two command-line options that implement features
that have been needed for a long time: /S (to disable keyboard redefinition)
and /Tnn (to define new alphanumeric video modes).
I hope this version suits your needs. It has been lightly tested under DOS
3.x, but it should work under all versions, as the changes were minor.

As you know, it takes more time than it ought to to get disks in the mail.
I would appreciate a $10 contribution to defray my expenses.
Also, please encourage other users to send in donations; very few ever do,
and even five or ten checks would make me much more likely to come out
with an updated version when needed.

I have also included two utilities, view and more, along with
documentation. These were in the original release of nansi, but
weren't included in nansi3.0 for space reasons. They live in the
archive nansiutl.arc. They are really free; please hand them out
to whoever if you like them.

Please note my new mailing address. (My old address will
still work for a few months.)

- Dan Kegel
2750 N. Lincoln Ave
Altadena, CA 91001

Internet E-mail:
[email protected]

>internet:[email protected]

P.S. If you need to find out the video mode number for a favorite alphanumeric
video mode (in order to pass it to Nansi with the /T option), but you can't
find the mode number from your video card's manual, you can find the mode
number by typing
"debug" ENTER "d 40:c L 1" ENTER "q" ENTER
for example,
C:> debug
-d 40:c l 1(drk: is 40:c really the address? Find out.)
This displays the current video mode number in hexadecimal.

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