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Generic resident utilities to make most video cards VESA compliant. Support for virtually any card.
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Generic resident utilities to make most video cards VESA compliant. Support for virtually any card.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APPIAN.ZIP 1341 1316 deflated
ATI.ZIP 7821 7769 deflated
CHIPS.ZIP 8617 8335 deflated
CIRRUS.ZIP 1982 1910 deflated
DIAMOND.ZIP 12997 12939 deflated
EVEREX.ZIP 5558 4587 deflated
GENOA.ZIP 6469 6346 deflated
OAK.ZIP 2530 2145 deflated
ORCHID.ZIP 2224 2144 deflated
PARADISE.ZIP 1561 1498 deflated
READ.ME 1305 647 deflated
SIGMA.ZIP 1929 1862 deflated
STB.ZIP 2815 2751 deflated
TECMAR.ZIP 1955 1931 deflated
TRIDENT.ZIP 7486 7422 deflated
TSENG.ZIP 3985 3925 deflated
VIDEO7.ZIP 1935 1912 deflated
VLIST.EXE 8187 5276 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

VESA Super VGA BIOS Extensions

These zip files contain terminate and stay resident (TSR) versions
of most Super VGA card's VESA BIOS Extensions implementations. The TSRs
have been placed in the public domain by the various graphics card
manufacturers. They may be freely copied and distributed.

There is no way for us to insure that these are the latest
drivers from the various graphic card companies. We take no responsibility
for the drivers and make absolutely no warranties as to their use. The
safest option is to obtain the appropriate Vesa driver directly from your
graphics card manufacturer.

We will say that if you have a HiColor graphics card, then the
Tseng driver is one that you might try after trying the driver for
your specific graphics card. If the video chips for your graphics card
were made by Chips & Technologies, then you may want to try the driver
provided by Chips & Technologies in addition to a driver which
was made for your graphics card.

Vlist.exe is a public domain program which lists the VESA modes
supported by the currently installed TSR.

This collection of graphics card Vesa drivers and Vlist.exe
is provided without charge or support, and is only provided for your

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