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Dump EGA screens to GIF format.
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Dump EGA screens to GIF format.
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Contents of the EGA2GIF.DOC file

EGA2GIF Page 1

Purpose: Converts an EGA graphics screen image file into a
CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) file.

Format: [d:path\]ega2gif [-i] [d:path\]filename[.scr]

Type: External

EGA2GIF 1.01 15aug87
Copyright 1987 by Ray L. McVay (all rights reserved)

1609 Tulip Drive
Arlington, TX 76013-4915
CIS 75006,2563


-i to create an interlaced GIF picture.

[d:path\]filename[.scr] is the name of the EGA
screen image file. The only type of file that
EGA2GIF can read is the uncompressed screen file
format used by RIX SoftWorks EGA Paint 2005. It is
not necessary to use EGA Paint to create files with
this format since we provide you with a "screen
grabbing" utility (GRABEGA) that will create these
files from any 640x350 EGA graphics screen. The
file extension, .SCR, does not have to be entered
but the screen file MUST HAVE an extension of SCR.

[d:path\filename.gif] is the optional filename and
path to use for writing the output file. If this
parameter is not given the output file will be
written to the same subdirectory as the input file
and will have the same name with an extension of
.GIF. Again, the file extension need not be
specified but if it is given it MUST be GIF.


Running EGA2GIF with no parameters will produce a
version and copyright notice and a cryptic little
usage message.

While the file conversion is in progress, EGA2GIF
prints a one line message showing how many raster
lines it has processed.

This version of EGA2GIF uses the GIF LZW compression
function written by CompuServe's Steve Wilhite.

Graphics Interchange Format and GIF are trademarks of
CompuServe, Inc. an H&R Block Company. EGA Paint 2005 is a
trademark of RIX SoftWorks, Inc.

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