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Graphics Screen Capyure Utility - This one really works good.
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Graphics Screen Capyure Utility – This one really works good.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

IMCAP 3.1, ImageSet Utility Diskette for the IBM-PC, Version 3.1, May 1986

Copyright (C) 1986 ImageSet Corp. 555 19th Street
(415) 626-8366 San Francisco, Ca 94107

This diskette contains utilities for capturing and reviewing screen images
on the IBM-PC under MS-DOS for the purpose of high-quality digital typeset-
ting by ImageSet Corp. These materials are in the public domain: Permis-
sion to make and distribute unlimited copies of the computer software and
documentation FOR NONCOMMERCIAL PURPOSES ONLY is granted provided that the
above information remains intact.

READ.ME This file.
IMCAP.COM Loadable driver, replaces system Print-Screen function
and writes screen images to disk.
IMMGR.EXE Image Manager utility application. Allows review and mod-
ifications to captured images.
IMCAP.DOC User's Guide for IMCAP and IMMGR. Formatted for printing
on 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 sheets, use "type IMCAP.DOC > prn".
IMSHOW.EXE Batch Image Review Utility.

For information, assistance or to place an order for typesetting please
call the above number during regular business hours, Pacific Time.


The enhancements in version 3.1 are to improve the
support of the Hercules Graphics Card as follows:

/h or /h0 on the command line causes page 0 of the
Hercules Graphics card to be captured as in previous

/h1 causes page 1 of the Hercules Graphics card to be

/h? allows either page to be captured: When SHIFT-
PRTSC is pressed the operator is asked to locate the correct
image by pressing the SPACE BAR to swap between the two pages.
When the correct display is obtained, ENTER is pressed to
proceed with the capture.

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