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TSR for sight impaired. Blows up text around the cursor into Big Type.
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TSR for sight impaired. Blows up text around the cursor into Big Type.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

bigT magnifies a ten character portion of CGA or MDA text screens. The
magnified text is displayed as a row of ten 8-line by 8-column giant
characters at either the top or bottom of the display. The position, in the
screen, of the magnified text is marked by a ten character reverse-video

Normally, bigT magnifies a ten character block centered on the current
cursor position. The block moves with the cursor as you use any word processor
or other application. If you want to magnify text ( e.g. title bars etc.)
which your application will not allow you to move the cursor to, you can
use the bigT 'secret' cursor keys: Just tap the [Ctrl] key for UP, [Alt]
for DOWN, and use the left and right [Shift] keys for LEFT and RIGHT.

bigT is a Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) utility. It installs itself
once, and will not reinstall if it is already present. Reboot to remove it.

Pressing the [Alt] key and right [Shift] keys together activates bigT's
magnify mode. The [Alt] left [Shift] combination returns the screen to normal.

bigT (c) 1990 is the property of Geoffrey Park. All rights are reserved.
The cost of bigT is $50. U.S. bigT is distributed on a 'shareware' basis:
You are free to copy bigT for purposes of evaluation. If you find that
bigT is useful to you, please remit $50 to:

Geoffrey Park
183 Chisholm Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4C-4V9

Alternatively, funds can be transferred directly to:

Bank of Montreal, savings acct. # 418 5076-631

If you have questions about bigT, or problems with using bigT, I can
be reached at: Compuserve Acct# 73730,51

Geoffrey Park, B.Sc., B.Eng. May 15, 1990

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