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Allows VGA screens to be viewed on an EGA monitor.
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Allows VGA screens to be viewed on an EGA monitor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EGASPECS.RGB 209 77 deflated
GIF2BLD.EXE 59035 41717 deflated
LZWBLD.OVL 3401 527 deflated
NYBLZWD.OVL 3390 539 deflated
NYBLZWH.OVL 3388 534 deflated
README.1ST 1225 656 deflated
README.2ND 1265 697 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 1748 283 deflated
USRMON.RGB 209 77 deflated
VGA2EGA.DOC 35367 11669 deflated
VGA2EGA.EXE 84967 54014 deflated
VGACAP.COM 1158 886 deflated
VGASPECS.RGB 209 77 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

VGA2EGA Copr. (c) 1988 Lawrence & Marvin Gozum

VGA2EGA converts ANY viewable 320x200x256 pic or GIF 320x200x256 pic to
EGA 640x350x16 or SuperEGA 640x480x16. Program features a unique method
for generating over 3800 colors from 42,875 possible colors using only the
64 color universe of EGA colors in a 16 color palette. Outputs are saved
as a GIF file. EGA users can now convert and view 320x200x256 GIFs with
the closest possible rendition of the original 256 color pic. VGA users
can convert their 320x200x256 creations and present them with the closest
possible rendition on systems that are EGA-bound.


Files: VGA2EGA .exe Main Program
VGA2EGA .doc User Manual
NYBLZWD .ovl \
NYBLZWH .ovl \ required files
USRMON .rgb > of VGA2EGA
GIF2BLD .exe Utility to convert 320x200x256 GIF pics
to .BLD and .PLT format for VGA2EGA input
LZWBLD .OVL required by GIF2BLD
REGISTER.doc registration form
README .1st this document
VGACAP .com utility to capture any viewable 320x200x256
pic and save in .BLD and .PLT files

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