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FONTASTIC v1.30 - Fonts for ASCII and ANSI applications.

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FONTASTIC v1.30 - An ANSI Text Editor
with 15 Fancy Fonts for ASCII and ANSI
applications. Release date 08-28-93.
Fonts are typed in "real time" and the
screen can be saved as an ASCII, ANSI,
.COM, or BINARY file. Many features for
editing. FONT, DRAW, & TEXT modes. Two
pages for loading and block tranfer of
data. Special color functions for ANSI
fonts. Pulldown menu, borders, box
drawing, & more. Standard Registered
version $15.00. Professional version
available with 109 Alpha Fonts and 30
numeric fonts as well as 30 Stylized
fonts in Pro-Font add-in FREE. Read
contest details.

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FONTASTIC v1.30 – Fonts for ASCII and ANSI applications.
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DEMO1.ANS 3986 341 deflated
DEMO2.ANS 2330 199 deflated
DEMO3.ANS 3654 453 deflated
DEMO4.ANS 3758 196 deflated
DEMO5.ANS 2552 211 deflated
DEMO6.ANS 6236 373 deflated
DEMO7.ANS 1950 370 deflated
DEMO8.ANS 6690 726 deflated
DEMO9.ANS 3114 578 deflated
DESC.SDI 47 47 stored
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FONT-AD.COM 4273 1264 deflated
FONT.DOC 22707 6993 deflated
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ORDER.FRM 1937 507 deflated
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Contents of the FONT.DOC file

FONTASTIC v1.30 Standard Version

Copyright (C) 1993 by Ray Carson
All Rights Reserved

Developed by

RC Software
1113 Hillcrest
Conroe, Texas 77301
(409)756-6860, (409)756-5096


----- Contents -----

INTRODUCTION ............. 1
GENERAL .................. 2
FONT MODE ................ 3
TEXT MODE ................ 4
DRAW MODE ................ 5
CHARACTER EDIT ........... 6
FILE LOADING ............. 9
BORDERS ..................10
BOX DRAWING ............. 11
COMMAND KEYS ............ 13
CURSOR MOVEMENT ......... 14

D I S C L A I M E R - A G R E E M E N T

If you use FONTASTIC, you must accept this
disclaimer of warranty: FONTASTIC is supplied as is.
The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied,
including, without limitation, the warranties of
merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author
assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential,
which may result from the use of FONTASTIC.

FONTASTIC is not a Public Domain program and is not free, non-
registered users are granted a limited two week license to evaluate
the program. Any usage beyond the evaluation time period requires
registration of each copy of the program used. Use of non-registered
copies beyond the original evaluation period is prohibited.


This program is fully functional and is shareware. It has 4 fonts for
your evaluation. The Professional Version has a total of 143 fonts,
109 sets of letters and 34 sets of numbers. Run the DEMO program to
view all of the fonts available in the Professional Version. There is
an ORDER.FRM included for registering the FONTASTIC Standard Version
or Professional Version software. The registered user of the
Professional Version will be notified by US mail of upgrades and will
receive additional files and programs, see the ORDER.FRM for a
descriptive list.


A color monitor is required and a hard disk is recommended. It is
important that you make a backup copy of all the original files
shipped with FONTASTIC, if any of the data files become corrupt then
the program will not work correctly and may not work at all. If the
program ends with an error code or does not function correctly then
try installing the backup files, if this does not correct the problem
then contact the author. All of the files in the original package of
the unregistered version are required for operation and are listed
below. All of the files must be in the current directory for the
FONT.EXE program to run, this requirement does not apply to the
registered version.


This program is a font and screen editor and will create ASCII, ANSI,
Binary or .COM files as output. ASCII or ANSI files can be loaded for
editing. There are three modes in the program, FONT, DRAW, and TEXT.
The command, AltM, will toggle the mode from one to the other and
the status for the current mode is displayed on row 25.

The cursor movement keys, [ ], Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, ^PgUp,
^PgDn, TAB, and #TAB, are active for all modes except the CHARACTER
EDIT mode.

There are two editing pages available in the program. You can load an
ASCII or ANSI file in either page and copy or move data from that page
to the other one. Use the AltE key combination to change pages. The
AltA Area/Block command is used to copy, move, erase, or recolor a
section of the screen. There is a pulldown menu accessible with the
Esc key and if a menu option is not chosen then use the Esc key to

There are fourteen template files, TMP??.ASC, included that can be used
as a background for screens. ASCII files can be loaded in the color of
your choice. See DEMO2.ANS for an example of using a template. You can
view all of the DEMO?.ANS files using the AltV key combination or by
running the DEMO program. NOTE: The TMP??.ASC files are only available
in the Professional Version.


You can move the cursor anywhere on the screen and type fonts.
Different fonts and colors can be mixed on a line, use the AltC key
combination to change color and the AltF key combination to load a
different font. The Backspace key will delete previously typed fonts
in the order that they were typed, from last to first. The Enter key
will place the cursor on the next row, allowing for the size of the
font. There are some special functions for fonts only, Compress Font,
Shade, Random Color, Horizontal Color, and Vertical Color. In FONT
mode the cursor position is the upper left corner of the next typed
font. If you use the [ALTA] AREA function to copy, move, or erase a
part of the screen or use the [ALTK] SCROLL function to scroll
the screen then the Backspace key will not delete any previously
typed fonts as their position will have changed. Fonts typed after
these functions can be deleted with the Backspace key as normal.

Compress Font

This function is available for all fonts and can be toggled on and off
with the AltN key combination. This routine will reduce the space
between each individual letter typed by one column width and changes
the visual affect, especially if used with one of the font coloring
functions. Some fonts will not benefit from this routine and the
result will look distorted.

Shade Font

Some fonts can be shaded using these characters, . Only fonts
containing these ASCII characters can be shaded and some fonts will
only be partially shaded. There are approximately 40 fonts that can be
shaded completely. Select "Shade Font" from the pulldown menu or use
the AltY key combination to access this function. A font that has
been changed is active only while it is loaded, if you load another
font then the changed font will return to normal.

Here is an example of shading:

Random Color

The Random Color function is available for all fonts and does not
require a setup. Select from the pulldown menu under the "Font"
catagory or use the F10 key to toggle the function on and off. This
function produces multi-colored fonts.

Vertical Color

With this function you can set each vertical section of a font with a
color of your choice. This setup will be active for all fonts but some
fonts have different widths so if your setup is for a font with a
column width of 5 and you load a another font that has a larger width
then you will need to check the setup and select the additional
colors. After the setup, you can toggle the mode on and off with the
F8 key.

Horizontal Color

This function is the same as the Vertical Color routine except that it
is for each horizontal section of a font. The F9 key will toggle the
function on and off after setup.


The TEXT mode is for typing regular text. The Insert and Delete keys
are active and function as usual for text editors. The Backspace key
will delete the character to the left of the cursor and the Enter key
will move the cursor to the next line.


In this mode the directional arrow keys are used to print the selected
DRAW character. You can hold down the Alt key and move the cursor with
the arrow keys without drawing. The DRAW character is displayed on
row 25, CHR=?, and can be selected with the AltZ key combination.
If the [Enter] key is pressed the DRAW character with will be
printed at the cursor position without moving and the Delete key will
delete the character at the cursor position. You can select the space
character, ASCII 32, for erasing. The last DRAW character selected
will be saved when the program ends. This routine is not to be
confused with line drawing.


This mode is for using special keys to print charcters from a set.
There are 11 keys, the number keys "1 - 0" and "A". The F-Keys can
be used also. There are 6 sets of characters and you can select
the active one with the "+ -" keys. These characters are displayed on
row 25. In this mode the only command keys available, other than the
ones listed above, are:

[+ -] ........... Selects the set to use.
[AltC] ......... Change color.
Ctrl[ ] ... Change color.
[Delete] ........ Delete the character at the cursor position.
[Backspace] ..... Delete the character to the left of the cursor.
[Spacebar] ...... Advances the cursor and prints a space.
[AltU] ......... Use the color under the cursor.
[Esc] ........... Exit the character editing mode.

Cursor movement:

Use the "AltW" key combination, or select "Character Edit" from the
Pulldown Menu, to acitvate this mode.


Global Change

This function is used to change all of the characters on the screen
that match the one under the cursor to any other charactrer or any
other color. Press ^A or select "Change Char Global" from the Pull-
down Menu, move the cursor to the desired character, and then select
the preferred operation, <1> Change Character or <2> Change Character
Color. Routines for selecting the new character or color will follow.

Area Change
First define the area of the screen by using the AREA/BLOCK function
by pressing AltA or select Area/Block from the Pulldown Menu and
then select the cange option. The rest of the procedure will be the
same as the Global Change above.


This function is available for the loaded font or for all data on the
screen. For the loaded font select "Change Font Set" under the menu
catagory "Fonts" and for all data on the screen select "Change Font
Global" under "Options". After selecting one of these functions a
box will be displayed for your choice as shown below.


Change from [A,B,C,D]: Change to [A,B,C,D]:

As an example font #1 can be changed as swown.

Style C (Original)

Style A

Style B

Style D


Any ASCII, ANSII, BINARY, BSAVE, or .COM file can be loaded into
either page for editing, copying or moving a portion of the screen to
the other page. When loading or viewing a file, if the file extension
is .ANS, .ASC, .BIN, .BSV, or .COM then it will be loaded immediately
otherwise the program will prompt you for the file type. An ASCII file
can be loaded using a color of your choice. Only .COM files produced
by this program can be loaded.


The Border function will print a screen border from a choice of 13
styles. The color selection box will be displayed first for you to
select the desired color and then select the style.


This function can be used to draw boxes on the screen in a selectable
foreground and background color and one of seven styles. The upper left
corner of the box will be at the current cursor position. Select the
desired color and box type, and then use the arrow keys to draw a box.
The [] keys will change the size of the box and the Ctrl-[]
keys will move the box around the screen.


Row 25 at the bottom of the screen is used to display the status for
some functions and conditions in the program. Listed below is the
description of each status display reading from left to right.

(1,1) COLOR 7,0 Page:1 CHR= FONT

(1,1) - Current Cursor Position - Row, Column
Color 7,0 - The color that will be used for fonts, text, drawing,
borders, or box drawing (foreground,Background).
Page:1 - The current editing page.
CHR= - The current character for the DRAW mode.
FONT - The current Mode, FONT, DRAW, or TEXT

Some additional information for the FONT mode is listed below.

>FONT< - Compressed Font Mode is on.
FONT Rancom Color - Random Color Mode is on.
FONT Vertical Color - Vertical Color Mode is on.
FONT Horizontal Color - Horizontal Color Mode is on.

In TEXT mode if the Insert key is active there will be a large cursor
and the letters "Ins" will be displayed after TEXT on the status line.


Key combination conventions:

^ = Ctrl ^P = [Ctrl] + [P]
# = Shift #F8 = [Shift] + [F8]
@ = Alt @A = [Alt] + [A]

[ESC] .......... Pulldown Menu, ESC to exit.
[ENTER] ........ In FONT and TEXT mode: Increments the cursor to a
new line. In DRAW mode: Prints the Draw character
at the cursor position without moving.
[BACKSPACE] .... In FONT mode: Deletes previous typed fonts in the
order they were typed from last to first. In TEXT or
DRAW mode: Deletes the character to the left of the
[Ins/Del] In TEXT mode: Functions the save as ASCII editors.
[ALT]+[A] ...... Block/Area - copy, move, erase, or re-color.
[ALT]+[B] ...... Draw a box using one of 9 styles with the arrow keys,
upper left corner at the cursor position.
[ALT]+[C] ...... Select foreground and background colors for fonts.
[CTRL]+[] .. Select foreground and background colors for fonts.
[ALT]+[D] ...... Deletes the line at the cursor position.
[ALT]+[E] ...... Edit/change page, toggles page 1/2.
[ALT]+[F] ...... Select Font for typing from a visual form. You can
mix fonts and colors on a line.
[ALT]+[G] ...... Change the screen background color.
[ALT]+[H] ...... Help for keys and functions.
[ALT]+[I] ...... Inserts a line at the cursor position.
[ALT]+[J] ...... Shell to DOS, 'EXIT' to return.
[ALT]+[K] ...... Scroll the screen in any direction using the arrow
keys, ESC to exit.
[ALT]+[L] ...... Load ANSI (.ANS) or ASCII (.ASC) files.
[ALT]+[M] ...... Change Mode, toggles FONT/TEXT/DRAW.
[ALT]+[N] ...... Compress fonts by decreasing the space between font
letters by one column, toggle on/off.
[ALT]+[O] ...... Select a border from 13 patterns.
[ALT]+[P] ...... Clears the workscreen and sets the cursor to the
starting position, row 1 column 1.
[^P] ........... Clears the screen using the background color.
[ALT]+[R] ...... Ruler, move with the arrow keys, saves position.
[ALT]+[S] ...... Save the screen to a ASCII text, ANSI code, .COM,
or BINARY file.
[ALT]+[T] ...... Undo/Restore the screen after major changes.
[ALT]+[U] ...... Use the color under the cursor.
[^U] ........... Use the character under the cursor for the DRAW CHR.
[ALT]+[V] ...... View any .ANS or .ASC file.
[Alt]+[W] ...... Character Edit - character sets, editing.
[ALT]+[X] ...... Quit FONTASTIC and exit to operating system.
[ALT]+[Y] ...... Shade Font. Some fonts can be shaded for variety.
[ALT]+[Z] ...... Select the character for the DRAW mode.
[F8] ........... Toggle the Font Vertical Color mode on/off.
[#F8] .......... Setup for the Font Vertical Color mode.
[F9] ........... Toggle the Font Horizontal Color mode on/off.
[#F9] .......... Setup for the Font Horizontal Color mode.
[F10] .......... Toggle the Font Random Color mode on/off.
[^C] ........... Displays the cursor position, "lost cursor".


[] ... Up, Down, Right, Left
[Home] ... Column 1 [End] .... Column 80
[PgUp] ... Row 1 [PgDn] ... Row 24
[^PgUp] .. Row 1 & Column 1 [^PgDn] .. Row 24 & Column 80
[TAB] .... Next Tab Stop [#TAB] ... Previous Tab Stop

(15) Revision History

06-25-93 v1.00
- Initial release date.

08-17-93 v1.10
- Added the BSAVE format to the SAVE, VIEW, and LOAD
- Added some additional functions to the "Change Character"
- Added a ^C command key to display a "lost cursor". This
function displays a full red and blue blinking cursor
for one second and then returns it to its original state.
- Added a "Change Font Set" function which changes the
font style to one of four choices.

08-24-93 v1.20
- Added 11 fonts to the Standard Version.
- Corrected the color selection routine for the screen
"Border" function.
- Changed the pricing for the Professional Version.

08-26-93 V1.30
- Added Ctrl-[] keys to the box drawing routine
to move the box on the screen.
- Added more characters to the "Character Edit" routine.
- Added more error checking in the "Load File" function.

Please report any conflicts or recommendations to:

RC Software
1113 Hillcrest
Conroe, Texas 77301
(409)756-6860, (409)756-5096


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