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Set DOS colors via pop-up help screen or call via batch file.
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Set DOS colors via pop-up help screen or call via batch file.
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[d:][path] COLOR07 [options] (Valid options are 1 thru 157)

COLOR07 can be invoked simply by typing COLOR07 and pressing return. You
will then be presented with a color map with numbers ranging from 01 thru
157. Make sure your NUM-LOCK key is not pressed and use your arrow keys
to select the desired color and hit return when done. COLOR07 may also
be used as a command line driven utility as in a batch file for instance.
Your CONFIG.SYS file must contain the line... DEVICE = ANSI.SYS

You are encouraged to copy and share this program with others, under the
conditions that the program is not distributed in modified form, that no
fee (other than a reasonable disk duplication fee) is charged, and that
the accompanying documentation is not removed. If you find this program
useful please consider a donation of $10 or more to the following address

Rick Lawsha
P.O. Box 659
Galesburg, Il. 61402

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