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This is a simple screen saver program for MDA, CGA, and EGA.
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This is a simple screen saver program for MDA, CGA, and EGA.
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Contents of the SCRNSAVE.DOC file

Screen Saver
Version 1.1
Copyright (c) 1989,1990 by Silicon Systems

Screen Saver is a memory resident utility that blanks the
screen after a period of inactivity determined by the user.
However, unlike other screen blanking utilities, Screen
Saver displays a clock on the screen and moves it randomly
across the screen during the period of inactivity. This
informs the user that the monitor is powered on (screen
blanking alone could lead to the assumption that the monitor
is powered off).

There are two versions of the Screen saver utility. One for
monochrome display adapters (MDA), and one for Color/Enhanced
Color Graphics Adapters (CGA/EGA). The format of the command
is :

SCRNSAVE --> MDA Version

where xx is an optional parameter specifying the number of
minutes of inactivity before blanking the screen. If the
parameter is invalid or missing, Screen Saver defaults to
five minutes. The time period is valid from 0 to 50 minutes.

You are encouraged to copy and/or distribute this programs freely,
provided that :

1) No fee (beyond the actual cost of disk copying) shall be charged
for copying and distribution.

2) This package is to be distributed ONLY in its original,
unmodified state.

If you find this package useful and plan to use it, then we encourage
you to become a registered user ($10 fee). Registered users enjoy
the following benefits :

1) The latest version of the Screen Saver Utility.
3) The warm honest feeling that you have supported the
"Shareware" concept.

To register your copy of Screen Saver please send $10 to:

Silicon Systems
Attn: Screen Saver Registration
5217 Millsprings Dr.
Arlington, TX 76017

Silicon Systems has taken due care in developing and testing the utilities
contained in the Screen Saver utility package, and makes no expressed or implied
warranty of any kind with regard to these utilities. In no event shall
Silicon Systems be liable for the incidental or consequential damages
in connection with or arising out of the use of this utility.

Information on other products offered by Silicon Systems can also be
requested by writing to the above address.

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