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Screen saver with password and optional message display.
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Screen saver with password and optional message display.
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Contents of the FLASHER.DOC file

FLASHER helps keep unwanted people off of your system while acting as a
screen saver. While it looks harmless, FLASHER prevents access with a
simple password.

FLASHER has two modes of operation - with a password, and without.

To run flasher without a password, just type FLASHER from your DOS prompt.
Make sure there is a file called FLASHMSG on the root directory of your
hard drive. Your message will be displayed in various places on your
screen in 3 second intervals until any key is pressed.

To run FLASHER with a password, type FLASHER where is
a password of your choice (the <> are NOT needed). FLASHER will look the same
as when run without a password, execpt when a key is pressed, the presser
will be asked for the password. If it is entered corrrectly, FLASHER will
end. If it is incorrectly entered, FLASHER will continue where it left off.
Hitting CONTROL-C gives the abuser a little surprise.

On color monitors, the message will change colors each time it is displayed.

I have different message files for various situations - out to lunch, gone home,
away from my desk, etc. that I copy into the root directory. I also have a PC
with a key lock, so I rarely use the password feature. FLASHER is installed
in my AUTOEXEC.BAT file in case someone reboots my system, or in case of a
power outage/restoration.

If you find FLASHER useful, why not send $5 to me? I could use it! 🙂

Tom Bellucco
148 Kircher Pk
Webster, NY 14580-3002


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