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Line and box drawing utility.
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Line and box drawing utility.
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Contents of the BX.DOC file

BX - IBM line and box drawing text filter

Tony Antonucci - Digital Dynamics
Copyright (c) 1990


BX [options] [outfile]

The only option currently supported is the "ASCII" option.
This option will cause BX to insert "box drawing" characters
that use the standard ASCII character set, as best it can.

This option is given by "-a" on the command line, case is not

example: BX -a outfile


BX is a text processor for inserting IBM box and line drawing
characters into a file.

With BX you can quickly put a box around a title, make a table or
just add lines to your output file. When you modify the document
it is very easy to change the boxes and run your document thru
BX again. BX really works well for tables.

BX can run as either a filter, taking redirection input and
output, from stdin and stdout. Or it can prompt you for the
filenames to work on. Or any combination of the two.

bx < infile > outfile (I/O redirection - no prompts)
bx < infile (will prompt for output file)
bx > outfile (will prompt for input file)

BX meta commands

If your reading BX.DOC see the file BX.BOX for the source for
this document.

(I put two spaces between keywords to keep BX from processing these)

Meta command syntax

[ .bx on ] The ON command defines the top of the box
the square braces delimit the boundries of
the box. The box ON command does NOT have to
be between the square braces.

.bx mid The MID command defines an horizontal interior
line in the box.

.bx off The OFF command defines the bottom of the box.

| A vertical bar in the box ON line, between the
square braces, defines a vertical line in the

^ ^ A pair of carets on the same line as an ON
command will cause a horizontal line to be drawn.


Boxes can be side to side with other boxes, and boxes can be
inside other boxes.

Here are a few examples.

Here would be a table

value 1

value 2

value 3

Some wild boxes
inside of other

You could even make
graph paper.

Text can wrap around the boxes.
The box meta commands, will
probably not occur in normal
english text. Program source
code can be run thru BX to
produce nice looking comments

This example shows
boxes next to boxes,
and boxes inside of boxes.

Note: That MID commands
work on the highest "level"
off box only.

The keyword "dbl" will
cause BX to use double
line drawing characters!

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