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A good screen blanking program. Works with MGA, CGA, EGA, and VGA.
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A good screen blanking program. Works with MGA, CGA, EGA, and VGA.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

BLANK-IT(tm) Version 5.1a README.DOC

Hello and welcome to the BLANK-IT(tm) Version 5.1a software package from
Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc.! We are proud to be a member of the
Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). Please make sure to
read the BLANK-IT documentation file for more information on the ASP to
see why the ASP will help insure that YOU are provided with quality
shareware products and excellent customer support!

Please make sure you have all of the files that belong to the BLANK-IT(tm)
Version 5.1a package. All of the files are listed in the file PACKING.LST.
If the PACKING.LST file or any of the files listed in PACKING.LST are
missing, please contact us for an official copy of BLANK-IT(tm) 5.1a -- it
would not be fair to either the user or Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc. to
have a user evaluate an incomplete package.

As of March, 1992 there are new versions of BLANK-IT(tm) being developed
for future release. If you think this version of BLANK-IT(tm) is good,
just wait until you see all of the new and advanced features in the
upcoming release! Our upgrade policy says that if you choose to upgrade
to future versions you will get a FULL credit for the latest version
of BLANK-IT(tm) that you have registered, so registering version 5.1a today
will not "cost" you tomorrow! Make sure to register version 5.1a today
so that we can inform you as soon as possible, when upgrades are available!

Please read about our "FAIR, NO FEAR" upgrade policy in the BLANK-IT(tm)
documentation to see why you have nothing to loose and everything to gain
from registering your copy of BLANK-IT(tm) Version 5.1a today!

Please take note that there are 3 copies of the registration form in the
file REGISTER.DOC! The first copy is for all U.S. residents and companies
as well as all other non-European and non-Australian residents and
companies. For those of you who reside in Europe, we have a very special
registration form for you to fill out - it is the second form in the
REGISTER.DOC file. Similarly, for those of you who reside in Australia,
we have a very special registration form for you to fill out also - it is
the third form in the REGISTER.DOC file. Each person/company need only
fill out the registration form that pertains to his/her own needs. The
multiple forms are due to our partnerships with Nick Thompson of the
Thompson Partnership in the U.K., and the folks at Budgetware in Australia.

BLANK-IT(tm) 5.1a README.DOC Page 1 of 2

In our continuing effort to provide the best possible customer support
to our users, we have recently installed a 24-hour Customer Support
Voice/Fax number as yet another alternative for our customers to use to
contact us. Please read the BLANK-IT(tm) Documentation for more information!
Of course we still operate our 24-hour BBS, so feel free to call and leave
questions or even register on line. For a quick-start for the "BBSers" out
there, our BBS runs 24-hours/day, at up to 9600bps with MNP optional, using
8 data bits, 1 stop bit, No Parity (8N1).

We are pleased to announce that we accept Visa and MasterCard! If you
would like to use a charge card to register BLANK-IT, you can now fill
out the appropriate section of the REGISTER.DOC form. To make things even
quicker and more convenient, you may fill out the credit card portion and
FAX the form to us -- no fuss, no muss.

We have included a file called COMMENT.DOC which can be filled out and
mailed in if you have a problem, question, or enhancement request. We
process all feedback for consideration in future versions.

We hope you will find our product useful. We've added a great number of
wonderful features which we hope will impress you. If you have any
concerns please contact us as we would like to hear them.

Please note that registration benefits have been expanded to include free
copies of our company newsletter, and special information on any special
offers that are valid at the time of registration. To date, we've been
able to provide discounts on computer magazines, free sign up for
CompuServe, and free usage credits to CompuServe. Special offers vary,
but we are working to include as many "value added" registration benefits
as we possibly can!

It should be noted that we are currently working on a Windows control
panel for BLANK-IT, as an add-on feature, so that all of the features
found in BLANK-IT can be controlled from Windows! This add-on is
still in development/alpha-testing. Please contact us for more

As a supplement to the installation section of the BLANK-IT manual,
we'd like to clarify a few points. For first-time BLANK-IT users,
you may follow the following instructions:

Please choose the directory where you'dlike to place BLANK-IT then copy
the BLANK-IT files to that directory. For example, if you'd like to
place the files in a directory called C:\UTILS then you should copy
the files to that directory. If the files are on a floppy in an A: drive
(for example) then you would type: copy A:*.* C:\UTILS
which would copy all of the files from the A: drive (floppy) to your
C:\UTILS directory on your hard drive. Please note that the directory
on your hard drive should already exist. If it does not, you might
need to create it with the "md" command such as: md C:\UTILS.
For more information on copying files to your hard drive and creating
directories, please refer to your DOS manual.

Thank you for evaluating BLANK-IT(tm) Version 5.1a!

BLANK-IT(tm) 5.1a README.DOC Page 2 of 2

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