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ClipMono is a Windows utility designed to capture Windows 3.1 data to a 2nd monochrome monitor. Only text data is copied.
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ClipMono is a Windows utility designed to capture Windows 3.1 data to a 2nd monochrome monitor. Only text data is copied.
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Contents of the CLIPMONO.DOC file

Nov. 15, 1993

Program Name: CLIPMONO.EXE
For Operating System: Windows 3.1
Author: Joseph J. Tamburino
Address: 1640 Worcester Road, Apt. 104D
Framingham, MA 01701
Email: [email protected]
Price: FREE
Extra Equipment: 2nd monitor and monochrome adapter card.


ClipMono is a Windows utility designed to capture Windows 3.1
data to a 2nd monochrome monitor. Only text data is copied.

In this fashion, one can refer to clipboard data by looking
at the separate monochrome monitor, even when the clipboard data is not
visible on the primary monitor.


ClipMono is easy to use. Simply run the CLIPMONO.EXE program
from an icon (or optionally stick the program name into the 'LOAD='
section of WIN.INI). Sorry, you have to create the program manager
entry yourself. There is no SETUP program.

As soon as you activate the program, whatever text happens to
reside in the clipboard when you launch ClipMono will instantly
appear in the monochrome monitor. (If there is no text in the
clipboard, the monochrome display won't change).

From then on, whatever text you decide to copy to the clipboard
will instantly appear on the 2nd monitor. (Ok, maybe not instantly!
If you have a large amount of data, there may be a pause while ClipMono
reformats the data).

Menu Options

ClipMono doesn't have a "real" menu. To activate ClipMono's menu,
left-click the ClipMono icon ONCE (the resident icon, not the
program manager icon). The ClipMono menu will appear. ClipMono's
personalized options are "Reposition Screen", "Tab Size", "Refresh
Screen", and "About".

Use "Reposition Screen" to change your view of the clipboard on the
monochrome monitor. (You can only select this item if there are
more than 25 lines in the clipboard). The "Reposition Screen" menu
item will pop up a scroll bar for this purpose. (Optionally, you can
use the PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, and arrow keys instead of the scroll
bar. This is a standard feature of window's scroll bars. I didn't
know this until I coded this program).

The "Tab Size" option changes the number of characters displayed
between tab stops when the clipboard data has imbedded tab characters.

The "Refresh Screen" and "About" menu items are pretty straight
forward. Use the refresh item if some other program mucks up the
monochrome screen. (Refresh will not appear to do anything if there
is no data in the clipboard, or if the monochrome screen is already
displaying the correct clipboard data).

Miscellaneous Information

The memory requirements vary depending on the size of the clipboard
data. Due to time constraints, no effort was made to optimize the
memory required to store clipboard data. Basically, clipboard data
is stored in a fashion so as to be updated quickly on demand (using
the "Reposition" menu item). However, large clipboard documents
may require a large amount of memory. If you have virtual memory
enabled, windows can dump this memory to disk if it needs to.

But the quickest way to free the memory is to just clear the clipboard.
(Or even quicker, just terminate ClipMono!)

ClipMono always displays the approximate amount of memory it's using
to store the monochrome image. The size is displayed underneath the
program's icon. It is reported in Kbytes, or bytes / 1024.

Note: to clear the clipboard, use the "Delete" option of the Window's
Clipboard viewer (not ClipMono). Or just copy a empty block to the
clipboard using the clipboard copy option, used in many Window's

Enjoy the program!


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