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Allows changing colors from DOS, nifty.
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Allows changing colors from DOS, nifty.
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Color.Exe isan assembler program that remains resident in DOS and
allows you to use your color monitor toits fullest extent. Using this
programyou canchoose from theeight low intensity colors for either
the forground or the background. To start the program simply
type: COLOR.
Thescreen will be cleared and repainted with whiteletterson a blue
background. Youcan usethe following keys to change your display:

+ F1---> Change ForegroundColor.
+ F3---> Change BackgroundColor.
+ F5---> Switch Between 40and 80 Character screenwidth.
+ F7---> Switch Between Color and Monochrome Monitors.
+ F9---> Repaint the Screen with the current colors.

Note: This program will note work with programs that already use the
keys defined above (i.e. PC-Talk), alsoit possibly might confict with
anotherprogramin memory, but for the most part it is a very nifty little
programand I hope thatyou find it useful.

--- Emmett Hogan---

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