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Inner mission is a program which occupies the video monitor with a relaxing view of stars floating past. Will act as a screen saver.
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Inner mission is a program which occupies the video monitor with a relaxing view of stars floating past. Will act as a screen saver.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

To see what the program IM does, just type IM.

To get general information about Inner Mission, type out the file IMINFO.DOC

For more detailed information, type out the file IM.DOC

Inner Mission Version 1.5 users:

You may register your new version for free if you are a user of IM version
1.5. Just run the program, and you will see info about how to go about this.

New Features for V1.6:

The options can now be set from a menu, as well as by the command line.
The menu will appear if there are no options on the command line.

Hercules compatible monochrome graphics cards are now supported.

Bug fixed where Mono-Vga text would not be restored on pop-down

Bug fixed in IMS where the screen wouldn't save properly.

The font of the float-past characters can now be changed. See Pie.bat for
an example. You may change the letters to anything, even Chinese characters.

The speed of the stars can now be changed with the keypad +- keys while the
stars are popped up. The speed may be changed while text is floating past.

IM now detects the trapping of int 9, and will not pop up if another program
has trapped it. This avoids IM from being locked into the stars mode.

The default for serial¶llel ports has been changed to no checks. The
code for this has been made more streamlined.

Super-registration has been eliminated due to the fact that it did not
achieve its intented goal. Previous super-registrants will be honored, however.

The cost of basic registration has been raised to $5.00, as this makes paying
with cash more convienent.

IMS will not be offered directly. If a registered user would like the
latest version of IMS, please contact me.

Numerous other internal changes have been made to increase reliability, and

New Features for V1.7:

Keyboard interrupt bug fixed. IM will now work with XTREE, and other
programs where that bug was a problem.

Stars are no longer repeat. As each star passes by, a new star takes its
place. On previous versions, the star simply repeated the same trajectory
over and over.

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