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Screensaver and password protection program.
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Screensaver and password protection program.
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Contents of the SS.DOC file


I n t e l l i S o f t (tm)


version 1.01


ScreenSafe(tm) 1.0

ScreenSafe(tm) is copyright 1992 by IntelliSoft, All Rights Reserved. ScreenSafe(tm) is protected by United States copyright
laws and international treaty provisions. You must treat ScreenSafe(tm) like
any other copyrighted material.

You may place a copy on a system available for use by a single person at a
time for up to 10 days. Following the 10 day period you must remove
it and not use it unless and until you have paid for and received a licensed

Companies, groups of any kind, and governments are allowed to have one person
evaluate it for up to 10 days. Following the 10 day period the copy
must be destroyed unless and until the entity pays for and receives a site
license for the total number of persons that could have access to the software
at a time.

Electronic bulletin boards may carry the archive file which contains
ScreenSafe(tm) unless and until Elecktron Companies or an authorized agent
forbids such action. You may not unarchive it and have it available for use
except as prescribed above.

SS.EXE is the executable file enclosed with this packet. It is the program
file for ScreenSafe Version 1.0.

By deciding to use this product, the user agrees to accept all responsibility
for any and all damages which may result from it's use.


Simply type SS Password [OFF]

C:>SS [email protected]#wlo2432!

If you have a mouse clicking the left button will bring up the password window,
where you enter your password. In either case you can simply start typing in
your password and the window will open as you type.

The password may be any character you can type at the dos prompt( you can run
this program under Windows or OS/2 as a DOS task). There are three primary
exceptions: ^ | and space
The password may not have ANY spaces in it.

The password may be any where from 1 to 36 characters, numbers, and or symbols
long. You MUST type your password exactly as it is. Case of a letter is
important (E is not the same as an e) and using the backspace or arrow keys
will not correct mistakes but will result in a access denied password failure
and be recorded as such on the disk. This adds a greater level of security
and makes it increasingly difficult for someone who may know your password
approximately to access the system.

Just make sure you type it in carefully. If you screw up simply hit enter and
re-type it. If you forget your password you can still reboot the system.
Cntrl-C or Cntrl-Break is disabled. To prevent system access at boot time
simply install this program in your autoexec.bat, just as you would from the
command line: ss password.
cd c:\ssdir (whereever the files ss.exe is located)
ss password
cd c:\
You can also have an even more secure hardware password protection system
easily installed in your computer in the same fashion a video card is
installed. Ask about this when you order your registration for

The purpose of this program is to provide an easy method to secure a computer or
terminal and protect the screen from damaging burn-in while one is away from
ones desk. It also keeps a detailed record of attempts at entering the password.
The file SCRNSAFE.LOG is created or updated in the directory ScreenSafe(tm) is
executed. Read SCRNSAFE.LOG with an ordinary file reader or by typing:

type scrnsafe.log | more

ScreenSafe(tm) requires a small amount of disk space and can run in minimal ram.

The cost for a copy of ScreenSafe and to be placed on the list for other
product updates is just $19.00 including shipping and handling.

Multi-station/user site licenses are as follows:

2-5 station/user* $79.00

6-10 station/user* $159.00

11-20 station/user* $242.00

21-100 station/user* $399.00

100+ station/user* $633.00

fees are for one site (with a single post office address at the site).

HardPass(tm)- hardware password protection, is available for just $99.00 with
complete, easy to follow installation instructions. Call for quantity pricing.

Maryland customers add %5 sales tax to your order.

Please send the appropriate fee to:

IntelliSoft Company
Shipping Unit
9903 Cottrell Terrace
Silver Spring, MD 20903

Include your address, name, company/organization name, a phone number and a fax
number if available.

Phone in your American Express cards order.

Call with for further information. We provide custom programming and hardware
development services.

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