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Display speaker beep visually on screen.
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Display speaker beep visually on screen.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


Before using any of the programs in this package Please Read All
Documention First.

Take Note - that in many cases loading CBEEP.COM will in itself
handle the interception of DOS and BIO's beep calls, thus it is-
recommended that CBEEP.COM be loaded first then run the program
in question to see if the Beeps are intercepted and replaced with
the beep flash, if not then load DBEEP.COM and follow the instruc-
tions to De-Beep the program you wish to replace the beep with a
beep flash in.

The documentation for CBEEP and DBEEP are contained in the file
CDBEEP.DOC. This file may be printed by copying it to the
printer. For example, if it is on the root subdirectory of Drive
A:, it may be printed by entering


from the DOS prompt.

Programs included in this package:

CBEEP.COM { TSR that flashes BEEP on screen.
DBEEP.COM { Replaces beep code within most programs-
{ with interrupt call to CBEEP.
CHGINT.COM { Enables changing of interrupt assignment
CDBEEP.DOC { Instructions for the use of above programs.
README.1ST { This document.

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