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Utilities for Dual Monitor Systems.
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Utilities for Dual Monitor Systems.
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Here is a collection of utilities for those fortunate to have a two monitor
system for their IBM-OC/clones. Many folks use two tubes for programs like
123 that allow one tube for text and the other for graphs -- but the real
bonus comes for us involved in program development. After running an assembly
or compilation, I used to list any errors to the printer, tear off a page
(or two), fix the bug, and throw away the paper (ouch, say the trees). Now,
with DOORS resident, I just make a copy to my second tube - no need to throw
anything away now. Its great for copying anything, like a command menu or
help screen. Just hit the ALT-RIGHT SHIFT sequence twice and you are back
where you started.

In this ARC:


Originally appeared in PC magazine (2/15/85) - this is a memory resident
utility to allow switching between tubes. Press the ALT and right-hand shift
keys at the same time, presto! The other tube now contains a copy of what
was on the first tube - you are now logged on to the new tube. Press the
sequence twice to make a quick copy of the screen and return to where you


Clears the mono screen.

SW.COM ---

Swaps screens (like doing a MODE command, but faster).


System driver for mono tube. Invoke by putting the following line in

device = c:\sys\mono.sys

If you are using the color tube, you can redirect output to the mono tube
as a device, just like to a disk file or PRN:. For example,

MASM file,file; > MON:

will assemble a file and redirect its errors to the mono screen.


Like MONO.SYS, but redirects to the color tube.


I have been using these utilities for the last year and have had no
problems. Great productivity aid (especially for copying help screens).

DOORS does have a bit of a problem with memory-mapped programs like WordStar,
123, SideKick, etc. You can still make copies of screen, but don't use DOORS
to switch screens in the middle of one of these programs, since they assume
you are still using the screen you started with, and keep writing to it.

Phil Glatz 7/24/85 .

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