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Aid for adjusting color contrast on monochrome screens.
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Aid for adjusting color contrast on monochrome screens.
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A monochrome monitor adjustment utility
Written by: Thomas J. Keller
A Freeware Program

Version 2.1 October 23, 1989

Purpose:To assist in the adjustment of the intensity and contrast
controls of monochrome monitors

Useage:After installing SCADJUST.EXE on your system somewhere along
your default path, simply type: SCADJUST

When the adjustment pattern is displayed, manipulate the
brightness (intensity) and contrast controls until you have
adjusted the pattern so that the low intensity box is approx-
imately one half the intensity of the high intensity border.
The black centers are provided as a reference.

SCADJUST will terminate upon stirking any key, or after 1
minute, whichever occurs first. Upon termination, SCADJUST
clears the screen. This is to prevent burn-in damage to your

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