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TSR Screen grabber.

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GRAB4 - Pop Down Anytime TSR / Screen
Management program. The Program activates
via ALT-G combination at anytime within
any TEXT MODE PROGRAM. GRAB4 will save
screens in color and or *.Com files.
Nice utility for BATCH file writters.
(Version 1.5)

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TSR Screen grabber.
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| |
| * GRAB4 * >>-Swift-Ware-> Copyright (C) 1991-93 All Rights Reserved |
| |

GRAB4 is a Pop Down Anytime TSR/Screen Management program that is very
easy to use with no need for any lengthy instuctions. The Program is activated
by pressing the - ALT-G - combination at anytime within any TEXT MODE PROGRAM.

GRAB4 will let the user save TEXT MODE screens in there exact state
including colors. The program should work with any monitor that can emulate
either CGA or MONOCHROME / 80 x 25 text mode.

GRAB4 lets the user easily manage text screens by enabling you to
capture up to 4 screens or create any number of screens that you can recall
or store to disk at anytime you feel the need. This is convenient for use as
pop down Help Screens or whatever. Not only that, in an instant you can make
changes to your Help Screens by jumping to the Editing Mode then restoring the
screen back to memory then returning to the current program you are running.

GRAB4 will let you take any of your captured or created screens an
write them to the current active disk drive in either of 2 methods.

(1) store the current displayed screen as a self running COM file that
can have many uses. In your BATch files for example.

(2) You could also store your screens as text GRB files to the current
drive that are suitable for inserting into other documents.

The above storage methods can be reloaded by GRAB4 and then re-edited...

IMPORTANT!! - GRAB4 makes all attempts to assure its safe to write the
current displayed screen to your disk drive while within another program...
HOWEVER, if you attempt to write a screen an nothing seems to happen then its
not safe to write to disk while within the currently running program. The best
course of action is then to save the screen in question to RAM memory and exit
GRAB4, also exiting the currently running program you evoked GRAB4 from within.
Next reactivate GRAB4 and Recall the Saved screen and write it to your drive.



1. Save Screen to Memory --- Gives you the option of storing the current text
screen (by pressing 1 thru 4) in RAM memory.

2. Save Screen as COM file - Gives you the option of creating a self display-
ing COM file of the current text screen exactly
as it is currently displayed including colors.

3. Save Screen as GRB file - Gives you the option of creating a DOCument -
file without color attributes (black and white)

4. Recall Screen than Exit - Displays screens (1 thru 4) previously saved -
using option (1. Save Screen to Memory) then
exits back to current program.

5. Recall Screen than Wait - Displays screens (1 thru 4) previously saved -
using option (1. Save Screen to Memory) then
waits for key press than returns to GRAB4 menu-
can then be edited and or recaptured.

6. Load a Grab4 COM file --- Gives you the option of loading back to the -
screen any existing Grab4 .COM extension file.

7. Load a Grab4 GRB file --- Gives the option of loading back to the screen
any existing Grab4 .GRB extension file.

8. Dump Screen to Printer -- Sends current displayed screen to your printer

9. Edit Current or Create -- Enables creating a new screen or editing the
current displayed screen. Options are displayed
left | at bottom screen when the TAB key is pressed.
right | Pressing the TAB key a second time removes the
up | option line.
down |
arrow keys Home End PgUp PgDn F1=Ascii F2=Char F3=Color F4=Clear Esc=Exit
|____________________________| |______| |_____| |______| |______| |______|
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
Moves cursor around screen. | | | | |
| | | | |
Displays ASCII character set_____| | | | |
| | | |
To type the chosen character_______________| | | |
| | |
To choose a typing or drawing color_________________| | |
| |
Clears whole screen in current color__________________________| |
To exit Editing mode____________________________________________________|

10. Append to Existing file - Enables adding the current displayed screen to
the end of an existing Document file.


To load GRAB4 type at the DOS prompt -

GRAB4 then [ENTER]

Then press the key combination - ALT-G - to pop down the menu screen, you
can then by using the arrow keys place the menu bar over the option you wish
to activate - then press [ENTER]. If you activate an option then change your
mind just press the [Esc] key to cancel.

You can Deactivate the program whenever you wish (as long as no other TSR is
loaded after GRAB4) by entering at the DOS prompt -

GRAB4/U then [ENTER]

You can also load along with the loading of GRAB4 up to 4 previously captured
screens that you have stored to disk by placing the names of the files after
the GRAB4 filename in the following manner -

These previously created files must be of the COM file variety (GRAB4 will not
correctly load the .GRB extension files - GRB files are not Stored to disk
with there color attributes like the .COM file variety.

GRAB4/screen1/screen2/screen3/screen4 then [ENTER]

(the / slash character must be included)
(do not include the extensions)

The file name must be no more then 8 characters without the extension.



For those of you who use my MENU MAKER program GRAB4 will enable you-
to capture other screens of interest and then recall them while within MM.EXE,
you can then save the recalled screen as a Menu Screen Background. MENU MAKER
can be found in the Compuserve IBMSYS Libaray 5 Menu/Shells. MENU MAKER makes
it easy for anyone to create custom shadow boxed Menus.



This software and accompanying documentation file are provided -
"AS IS" without Warranty of any kind. Further, >>-Swift-Ware->
does not Warrant Guarantee or make any representations regarding
the use or the results of the use of this software. All risk taken
in the use of this software is assumed by you the user, and Not -
>>-Swift-Ware->, nor any club or vendor distributing this software.


Permission is given to freely copy and distribute this program so
long as there is no charge, (except for a minimal diskett cost) and
that it is not added as an incentive to market another software or
hardware product. This program is NOT a PUBLIC DOMAIN program, but
is being distributed under the - FREEWARE - concept.

William Cravener
520 North Stateline Rd.
Sharon, Pa. 16146

Compuserve - User ID. [72230,1306]

--------------------------- END OF DOCUMENT ---------------------------

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