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ScreenShot is a TSR program that captures text or graphics screens.
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ScreenShot is a TSR program that captures text or graphics screens.
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ScrnShot 1.0 - Screen Capture Program by Alan J. Fridlund, Ph.D.
ScrnShow 1.0 - Screen Display Program " " "

ScrnShot and ScrnShow are user-supported software. If you try them and continue
to use them, then send a 25$ support fee to make your use legal and obtain the
newest versions.

ScrnShot and ScrnShow Copyright (C) 1990, by Alan J. Fridlund, Ph.D.
All Rights Reserved.

ScrnShow and ScrnShot may not be altered in any way. They may be distributed
in unaltered form strictly on a user-supported basis.

Please send support fees, comments, and suggestions regarding ScrnShow and
ScrnShot to:
Alan J. Fridlund, Ph.D.
797 Sequoia Walk # J
Goleta CA 93117
(805) 961-2210
CompuServe [71511,3702]



ScrnShot is a Terminate-and-Stay-Resident program that captures text or
graphics screens on IBM PC-compatibles in the following modes:

Text Modes:
80 x 25 MDA or CGA/EGA/VGA.
80 x 43 EGA/VGA.
80 x 50 VGA.

Graphics Modes:
200 x 640 2 -Color CGA/EGA/VGA.
200 x 320 16-Color EGA/VGA.
200 x 640 16-Color EGA/VGA.
350 x 640 16-Color EGA/VGA.
480 x 640 16-Color VGA mode.

To run ScrnShot, type SCRNSHOT, and the program will load itself into memory.
Typing SCRNSHOT/U unloads it. Then just run normally the program(s) whose
screens you want to capture.

Once ScrnShot is loaded, hold down the Ctrl key and then press the S key. You
will hear a low beep followed by a high beep if ScrnShot captured the
screen successfully. For high-resolution graphics screens, the capture
process can take nearly a minute on some computers.

If ScrnShot could not capture the screen, you will hear the low beep but not
the high one.

Each time ScrnShot captures a screen, it creates a file on the current drive
named SCRNxxx.SHO, where xxx is a number that begins at 000 and can run
up to 999. ScrnShot initializes its counter to 000 each time you load it.
Make sure after a session with ScrnShot, that you rename these numbered
files so that they won't be overwritten the next time you load ScrnShot.

The .SHO Files captured by ScrnShot are easily displayed by ScrnShow.


Type SCRNSHOW, and a list of the .SHO files on the current directory will
appear on-screen. These are the files that you captured with ScrnShot. Use
the cursor keys to select the file you need, then press the Enter key to
display the .SHO file.

Press any key but the C, E, or H keys to return directly to the menu. These
exceptions operate as follows:

1. Once you've displayed a .SHO file, pressing the E or the H key will print
the screen on an Epson-compatible dot-matrix printer, or a Hewlett-Packard
LaserJet-compatible laser printer, respectively.

2. If you press the C key on EGA or VGA systems, you will change the color
combinations shown on the screen. You will cycle through 64 combinations
by pressing the space bar before returning to the menu. Press the Escape
key to quit selecting colors and go right back to the menu.

ScrnShot and ScrnShow currently do not save and duplicate the contents of
the VGA's palette registers. As a result, .SHO files obtained from software
that reprograms the VGA palette registers may not be redisplayed accurately
by ScrnShow (you can nonetheless usually approximate the original palette
using the C command). We anticipate this capability shortly; please register
and let us know that you need it.

Note that you cannot print screens with the H or E keys if you just pressed
the C key to change colors. You must print the screen right after displaying
it and before you change screen colors.

Also, if you are using a disk caching program on a fast computer, ScrnShow
can pump data to EGA and VGA cards faster than the cards can handle. The
result will be correct colors the first time you select a .SHO file, but
grossly wrong colors if you re-select the .SHO file immediately (the cache
handles the data with repeated readings). You can workaround this problem
either by selecting another .SHO file before re-selecting the desired one,
or by disabling the caching program.

Pressing the Escape key from the menu takes you back to DOS.

DUE SHORTLY in Version 1.1:

VGA 256,000 Color Palette Manipulation.
Timed Slide-Show Display of .SHO Files.

Register and receive this version automatically.

Again, please register to endorse user-supported software, and send your
suggestions for enhancements to ScrnShot and Scrnshow.

Happy Computing,
Alan J. Fridlund


Software Library Information:

This disk copy provided as a service of

Public (software) Library

We are not the authors of this program, nor are we associated
with the author in any way other than as a distributor of the
program in accordance with the author's terms of distribution.

Please direct shareware payments and specific questions about
this program to the author of the program, whose name appears
elsewhere in this documentation. If you have trouble getting
in touch with the author, we will do whatever we can to help
you with your questions. All programs have been tested and do
run. To report problems, please use the form that is in the
file PROBLEM.DOC on many of our disks or in other written for-
mat with screen printouts, if possible. PsL cannot debug pro-
programs over the telephone, though we can answer questions.

Disks in the PsL are updated monthly, so if you did not get
this disk directly from the PsL, you should be aware that the
files in this set may no longer be the current versions. Also,
if you got this disk from another vendor and are having prob-
lems, be aware that some files may have become corrupted or
lost by that vendor. Get a current, working disk from PsL.

For a copy of the latest monthly software library newsletter
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Public (software) Library
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Outside of U.S. or in Texas
or for general information,
Call 1-713-524-6394

PsL also has an outstanding
catalog for the Macintosh.

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