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Make Geoclock program a screen-saver with this TSR.
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Make Geoclock program a screen-saver with this TSR.
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Contents of the GEOTSR.DOC file

The enclosed ZIP file, CLKTM20S.ZIP, is an excellent timer/monitor TSR that
can be used to start GeoClock automically after a certain period of
inactivity. The ZIP file contains the timer program and its documentation.
To use timer to start GeoClock, create a batch file called gsc.bat in
the root directory of the C drive:


The first two lines of the batch file switch to the GeoClock directory,
regardless of what the default disk and directory are when the the idle
time detect feature in CLKTM20S activates. This should be modified to
reflect the drive and directory which contains GeoClock on your machine.
The SCRIPT9 parameter on the GEOCLK line starts a script file that displays
a random map every 60 seconds. This script and function are available in
GeoClock version 4.5 and higher.

The start the timer, enter:

The 60 is the number of seconds of idle time before the timer automatically
starts the batch file GSC in the root directory of C:. The program will not
interrupt any program running under DOS, but only activate when you are at
the DOS prompt.

The file names and directories, and various constants, can be changed, but
be aware that the string specifying the batch file, including the final CR
(013), can be no more than 15 characters.

-- Joe Ahlgren 92/09/18

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