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Copies GIF files to A drive and creates a library of info (size, colors.
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Copies GIF files to A drive and creates a library of info (size, colors.
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GIFBAC arose from the need to clean up my 20M hard disk and get
track of my growing number of GIF files. GIFBAC reads only those
files with the extension of .GIF in the current directory. The
files are sorted by filename. One by one, using the DOS Copy
command the files are copied to drive A:. GIFBAC will fit as many
GIF files on the diskette as possible. When the diskette is full
GIFBAC will prompt the user for a new diskette. You can mix 360K
floppies with 1.2M if you have a high density drive. GIFBAC knows
the difference. The filename and the dimensions of the GIF pic
are printed to the screen. GIFBAC also appends this information
to the file named GIF.LST.

I have enclosed the Turbo C source code for your use. You may
use it as you wish. If you make modifications to GIFBAC and
release it to the public, please send me a copy of the source.

Eric Cockrell
PO Box 471012
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Of course GIFBAC can be modified in many ways. You are free to
have at it. Other projects will be taking up my time. Currently I
am working on an adventure game the uses GIFs. If you are
interested send me a note at the above address or at

Data Warp BBS
Tulsa, Oklahoma
(918) 455-5544

I will make sure that you get a copy of the Shareware program. It
will be a biggie!!!

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