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Substitute for the DOS's cls command.
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Substitute for the DOS’s cls command.
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Contents of the CLX.DOC file

CLX: A TSR that intercepts the clear screen command.
Placed into the public domain by Randolph Beck

Creates a "flashing effect" before clearing the screen.
The end result is the same as if CLX weren't there.
This program serves no practical use other than ornamental.

CLX remains resident in memory.
Some monochrome monitors may not be affected.

Originally created in 1988, CLX was recently updated with new
clearing speeds --based on the far-fluxxed timing algorithm.
Hopefully, that will cheer up users with incredibly fast machines.

This program was created on the author's own personal time, using
the author's personal equipment and materials. CLX was NOT funded
by the National Endowment for the Arts --although some would argue
that it certainly should have been.

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