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Change resident font to 3270-like font on EGA/VGA monitors.
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Change resident font to 3270-like font on EGA/VGA monitors.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This program FONT3270.COM will temporarily install a 3270 style font on
your EGA adapter causing the alphabetic, numeric, and some special
characters on your EGA monitor to resemble those found on IBM 3270 type
terminals. The graphics and box draw characters will remain unaltered.

The font will remain installed until your computer is turned off and on
or some other program resets the graphics mode. At that time, the EGA
will revert to the PCs normal font.

To run FONT3270.COM and thus install the 3270 font on your display,
enter: "FONT3270" at the DOS prompt ("A>" or "C>" depending on your
configuration). You may wish to run FONT3270.COM in your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file to install it automatically each time you turn on or re-boot your

The source code, FONT3270.ASM is provided to allow you to change the
font to your liking. In the character bit table, each 1 bit represents
an on pixel and each 0 bit represents an off pixel. If you look
carefully, you can see the image of each character embedded in the on
and off bit fields.

This program, RF3270.COM, is a rewrite of FONT3270.COM. The change
is that the font will remain resident. The EGA will continue to use the 3270
font until the computer is rebooted. Any program that uses mode 3
will use the 3270 font rather than the EGA's ROM font. The source code is
also included.

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