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Diamond drivers for Stealth 24 video cards, version 2.0.
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Diamond drivers for Stealth 24 video cards, version 2.0.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Stealth 24 README.DOC

Release Notes
This is v2.00 of the Stealth 24 Install/Utilities/Drivers disk set.

Installation Notes
Use the GO.EXE file to install DOS/CAD drivers, Windows 3.1 drivers,
and Utility files.

STLMODE should be installed for all first-time operations. This program
controls the frequencies sent to the monitor and will allow the high
resolution and high color modes to syncronize correctly on your screen.

Installation of MicroStation drivers requires placing the Stealth 24
drivers in the DRIVERS subdirectory of the installed MicroStation
application. For example, if MicroStation is installed on C:\USTATION
install the Stealth 24 drivers to C:\USTATION\DRIVERS then follow the
remaining instructions outlined in the Stealth 24 User's Manual.

STLMODE.EXE allows selection of text modes, video emulation modes, and
monitor mode frequencies. Monitor timing information is saved to an
on-board EEPROM and is automatically loaded on powerup or reset.

Users with monitors not conforming to the industry preset monitors
provided can select the CUSTOM MONITOR option which allows selection
of frequencies, sync polarities, and screen centering for each video
resolution and color depth. Please consult your monitor manual for
the exact capabilities of your monitor before selecting monitor
timing. We strongly urge that selection of monitor timings in CUSTOM
be made for all resolutions and color depths.

Windows 3.1
The following Windows 3.1 drivers are included:

Resolution Colors Displayed
640x480 16 256 65,536 16,777,216
800x600 16 256 65,536
1024x768 16 256
1280x1024 16

Changes made from v1.03:

* Windows drivers revamped for 16, 256 and 65k color modes.
* New code base established

Driver Notes:

* No 1280x960 drivers are included; there are no plans to include them

Contacting DIAMOND
Diamond can be reached through a number of ways:

Postal Service : Diamond Computer Systems, Inc.
1130 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Voice (Main) : (408) 736-2000
Voice (TechSppt): (408) 736-2000 [M-F 6-7; Sat 8-4 Pacific]
[plus 24hr automated help]
FAX (Main) : (408) 730-5750
FAX (Support) : (408) 773-8000
BBS (to 2400) : (408) 730-1100
BBS (9600+) : (408) 524-9301
America Online : GO DIAMOND

All product names listed are trademarks or copyrights of their
respective owners.
Diamond Computer Systems, Inc. (c) 1993
(408) 736-2000 All Rights Reserved

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