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Print Hercules Graphics Screens.
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Print Hercules Graphics Screens.
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Contents of the HPRTSC.DOC file

This program implements a graphics screen dump from a
Hercules monochrome graphics board. It was written for the
Epson LX80/LX90 printers, but it should work on other Epson
compatible printers.

To load the program, simply type HPRTSC from the DOS prompt.
This should probably be done in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. From
then on you simply need to press the PrtSc key (it is
shifted) to print out a screen image.

When the PrtSc key is pressed, HPRTSC checks to see if the
Hercules board is in text mode or graphics mode. If it is in
text mode, the screen is dumped to your printer as normal
ASCII characters. In graphics mode, HPRTSC will pause and
wait for you to press either the '1' or the '2' key to
indicate which of the two graphics pages on the Hercules
board you wish to dump (if you don't understand this, press
'1'; if that doesn't do what you want, press PrtSc again and
then try '2'). If you press any key other than '1' or '2',
HPRTSC will beep and then return. You can use this to freeze
an animated graphics display to look at it more closely.
Just press PrtSc to freeze the screen. To unfreeze it, just
press any key other than '1' or '2'.

More detailed comments appear at the beginning of the source
code which is included with this package.

Alan Groupe
Background Processes
PO Box 6347
Nashua, NH 03063

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