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Capture text screen to disk file.
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Capture text screen to disk file.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


This program is from Computer Shopper June 1986.
Copyright 1986 Andrew M Fried
See page 102-108

This is a memory resident utility which will save consecutive
screen dumps to disk labeled as screen.000, etc. The program is
explained in detail in the text and the source is heavily
commented. You may wish to look at it if you are interested in assembler.

I called the .com file SCRN2DSK to avoid confusion with the
screen blanking utilities. The copyright notice was abbreviated
to save a little space. I also took the liberty of removing the
code which added a line-feed to each screen line, as none of the
editors i use require them. If you want (need) them, the source
code is included in the .asm file; uncomment and re-assemble.

As 80% of the resident code is a buffer, I wonder if a talented
code writer couldn't reduce the buffer to a line size unit, dump
the buffer a line at a time, and squeeze the size down to under
1K. Also, the first half of the bootstrap routine is optional and
the copyright seems like it could be seriously reduced.

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