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Quick and easy set screen FG and BG colors.
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Quick and easy set screen FG and BG colors.
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Contents of the NUCOLOR.DOC file

I had an old utility that could be used to set the screen colors for text
but it didn't have a help screen to remind me what the choices were. I
disassembled it and added a help screen, a check on whether ANSI.SYS was
loaded, and eliminated need to type all three arguments if default black
was what was wanted for background and border.
To get help just type color. To change the screen colors just
type color n1,n2,n3. I use yellow on black, so I have the line "color 14"
in my autoexec.bat. I don't know who the original author was. The check for
ansi.sys is from a program called ansihere by William Loud.

May 6, 1990 Jason Olasky

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