Dec 222017
Patch for problem w/ ATI Wonder Board.
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Patch for problem w/ ATI Wonder Board.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This simple TSR fixes an incompatibility between the ATI EGA Wonder and
some programs, notably Borland products. The problem is that the EGA Wonder
returns values for certain INT 10 services which make it look like an MCGA.

I haven't tested this extensively but it should be safe. I don't know if
it will work with all versions of the EGA Wonder and there is a possibility
that some programs will be restricted to using EGA and CGA modes and will
not be able to use the extended modes of the EGA Wonder. So far, all the
programs I've tested which could use the VGA compatibile 480x16 mode still

Michael M Rubenstein
5 Apr 88

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