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BriteLine! v1.2 TSR cursor line highlighter.
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BriteLine! v1.2 TSR cursor line highlighter.
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Contents of the BL.DOC file

*** Welcome to BriteLine! Version 1.2 11/11/90 ***

BriteLine makes it easier to locate the cursor and follow the cursor
across a line of information by highlighting the line the cursor is on.
You can make the line whatever color you want (within the limits of your
display of course) and change the size of the cursor if you so desire.
You can also turn BriteLine on and off at will.

BriteLine is shareware. As such you are freely give the program in order
that you may evaluate it before purchasing it. However, if you decide to
continue using it you are obligated to become a registered user.
You register by sending $10 (add $1 more for 3.5 disk, $5 more for
overseas orders) to:

BriteLine Registration | Visa or Mastercard
1157 57th Drive SE | (206) 939-4105
Auburn, WA 98002 | Compuserve: 72371,1557

Business, eductional, governmental or agency users may not use BriteLine
without registering or obtaining a site license. Call for details.

As a registered user you'll get the following additional benefits:

1. The configuration program which lets you change the
cursor size, row color, switch "hot key", and more.

2. Technical support and the latest version of BriteLine.

3. The "RSE Shareware disk" which includes copies of our
other shareware programs including PC-Directory, PC-
FileNotes, Remind Me!, Conjecture, Nabbit, Trash-It, Playback
and PC-Images. Because I'm trying to save space I won't go
into these programs any further, except to say that this disk
alone is well worth the registration fee.

Writing quality software and supporting it takes time and money. Your
registration fees keep us going. If you like BriteLine, register. We need
your support.

Because BriteLine is shareware you are encouraged to give copies of it to
any one you want as long as you don't modify the program (or these
Instructions) and you don't charge for the copies. The only exception to
the last rule is for shareware vendors who may charge an amount to cover
copying and distribution costs.

*** Getting Started ***

You run BriteLine by going to the sub-directory or floppy where you've
copied BL.COM and entering "BL" at the DOS prompt. BriteLine is a very
small TSR program. What this means is that it stays in memory continuing
to work even when other programs are running. It is very small, using
less than 1K of memory.

Load BriteLine at this time. Notice the line at the cursor is now black on
white instead of white on black. I realize that this is a pretty boring
"color" but it's compatable with a wide range of monitors. If you have a
color monitor you can have the line highlighted in red by entering "BL/R"
when loading BriteLine. However the best way to get colors is to become a
registered user. Registered users can change the default cursor/line colors
to any of 127 different combinations from yellow on blue to green on purple.

Also notice right below the copyright notice the phrase "Switch Hot Key:
Alt O". This is telling you that by pressing the Alt key and the O (oh)
key at the same time you can switch BriteLine off or on. Try it a couple
of times. Registered users can change this "Switch Hot Key" by using the
configuration program.
BriteLine only works in text modes. It automatically deactivates during
graphics modes.

Registered users can change the color of the cursor line and the size of
the cursor by using the configuration program.

BriteLine remains in memory until you re-boot or turn off your computer.

*** Flashing ***

Sometimes when you type in data, the cursor line briefly flashes at each
keystroke, or maybe only when you use certain keystrokes. This occurs
because the host program is writing data at that line in a different
color. BriteLine immediately changes the color to its color, but you may
notice a small flash when it does. There's really nothing we can do
about it. If you find it annoying then simply turn BriteLine off by
pressing "Alt O".

*** CGA flicker ***

If you have a CGA monitor and the screen flickers when you use BriteLine,
then you can eliminate most if not all of the flicker by invoking BL with
the "/C" option. In other words enter "BL/C" at the DOS prompt when you
initially load BriteLine. Registered users can also use the
configuration program to have BriteLine default to the "/C" option by
selecting "Yes" on the "Flickering?" line.

Using the "/C" option will slow down your computers processing capability
somewhat since the program must wait for the vertical retrace signal of
your monitor to occur. In addition, on some slower machines (like the
original PCs and XTs) a little bit of flicker may still remain even when
using the "/C" option. Unfortunately, eliminating that last little bit
would require a huge penalty in your computers processing capability. A
price you don't want to pay.

*** The Configuration Program ***

Registered users can change the color of the cursor line, the size of the
cursor, and the Switch Hot Key by using the configuration program. You
can also have BriteLine default to the "/C" option as discussed

* Make sure CONFIG.COM is on the same disk or sub-directory that BL.COM is.
* If BriteLine is in memory then turn it off by pressing the Switch Hot
Key (Alt O by default).
* Enter "CONFIG" at the DOS prompt.
* Use the up and down arrow keys to select the item you want to change.
* Press the left or right arrow keys to change the value of the selected
* Press Escape when you're finished.

If BriteLine is in memory then you'll have to re-boot and reload
BriteLine to notice the changes.

That's all folks. Registered users can call (206) 939-4105 for
technical support or leave an E-Mail message on Compuserve. Our ID # is

Thanks for giving BriteLine a try. Hope you find it useful and worthy of
your support. Take care.

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