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Takes pictures of anything, games, bbs screens.. Memory Resident (very g.
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Takes pictures of anything, games, bbs screens.. Memory Resident (very g.
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Contents of the PHOTO.DOC file

Documentation for PHOTO.COM & VIEW.COM ....

This software may be of special use to CAD program users in that a drawing
may be extracted as a screen file from the CAD environment,transfered and
displayed without the need to have the CAD package installed on the receivers

PHOTO.COM is a memory resident (TSR) program for copying
screen images to a file.

Compatable screen modes are:
80x25 TEXT (mode 3) pages 0 thru 3
320x200 CGA (modes 4 and 5)
640x350 EGA (mode 16) pages 0 and 1

To install: PHOTO [d:][path][filename]
A numeric extension starting at .001
will be appended to the filename.

To save a screen to filename.nnn tap the left-shift key twice.
Note: Capture of an EGA screen will took approx. 15 seconds on a 10Mhz
286 machine with a 65msec hard disk while capture of a text screen takes
only a second or two ! Also.. PHOTO creates and deletes
filename.000 on the drive and path indicated when it is installed. Be
certain that you don't have an overlay file (Turbo Pascal) by the same
name that might be over-written.

VIEW.COM is the compliment of PHOTO.COM as it will display a file created

Usage: VIEW [d:][path][filename[.ext]]

Where "filename" is a file created by PHOTO.COM


Recorded file structure :
byte 1 = video mode as reported by bios (used by VIEW)
byte 2 = active display page as reported by bios (not used by VIEW)
bytes 3 thru 20 = 'SCREEN IMAGE FILE ' ( string with a trailing space)
VIEW checks the 'SC' to determine if the file was produced by PHOTO (this
means you could rename TESTPIX.005 to MYSCRN.TST and have it properly

text files are 4k+20 bytes (direct video memory image)
cga "" "" approx 16K "" "" "" ""
ega "" "" approx 112k

The EGA file organized as 320 bytes per line, low nibble=even pixel dots,
high nibble= odd pixel dots. 350 lines total.

Please keep in mind that the screen files may be compressed to a fraction of
their size by using an ARCHIVE program.

Also note that PHOTO does not pass on to a screen file any palette register
settings !


PHOTO.COM uses,in part, code contained in TSRDEMO2.ASM (available on
electronic bulletin boards under the archive file name: TSRDEMO2.ARC).
TSRDEMO2 was written by :

Thomas Brandenborg
Lundbyesgade 11
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Author Brandenborg permits his code to be used if acknowledgement is given.
The credit to his work is well deserved !

I urge the user of PHOTO and VIEW to find the following public domain
software - available on many IBM-PC bulletin boards :

EGAPRTSC.ARC - contains .asm and .com files for doing a EGA/CGA graphics
print-screen function.

STACKEY2.ARC - having STACKEY2,PHOTO,VIEW and the contents of EGAPRTSC will
allow you to do batch printing of screen files to a dot matrix
printer (and much more).

It is my intention that both PHOTO.COM and VIEW.COM be freely distributed
for private and commercial applications without charge.

Roger Marin
6611 N.E. Alberta St.
Portland, Oregon, 97218

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