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Copies the present screen on to alternate monitor - Must have Mono/CGA.
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Copies the present screen on to alternate monitor – Must have Mono/CGA.
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Contents of the POST-IT2.DOC file

POST-IT2 by J. Rebold.DOC & .ASM upgraded 5/88

For those with both Mono and Color Graphics cards & monitors, this resident
utility copies the screen you're looking at to your other monitor when you hit

It works within every application we have tested, including PathMinder and
XYwrite III and III+ on XT and AT clones, with V-20 and with CGA and a
VMI 1024 hi-res card that emulates the CGA. Don't use this and POST-IT VMI
at the same time !!

It is a modified DOORS.COM, which was incompatible with many programs.
This version just copies the current screen to your other monitor, allowing
you to continue your work on the same monitor.

The mono screen must be in 80 X 25 text mode. The copy from mono to color also
resets the CGA card to 80 X 25 mode. If you have a Hercules card, the jumper
must be set for software page switching (on ours, it's JP 2 jumpered).

We have installed a switch to turn off our CGA when running programs (like
AutoCad, Windows and Lotus 1-2-3) which require both pages of Hercules memory.
Now, while in AutoCad, we can bridge to our editor (using ACAD.PGP), turn on
the CGA card, edit a file using POST-IT instead of writing stuff down, then
turn the CGA off & exit the editor back into AutoCad.

If you happen to have a VMI 1024 board, we also have a similar routine that
posts TWO Mono or CGA screens on the hi-res screen when you hit Alt-LeftShift or
Alt-RightShift. It works within the AutoCAD and FastCAD/EasyCAD drawing editor.

POST-IT VMI is available for $29 from

P O Box 9747
Baltimore, MD 21204

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