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Screen saver for EGA and VGA screens.
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Screen saver for EGA and VGA screens.
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Contents of the SCRNSAVE.DOC file

Documentation and Licence Agreement

SCRNSAVE.COM Version 2.1 Copyright (C) 1988 Brian O'Neill

March 31, 1988


SCRNSAVE.COM is a TSR screen-blanking utility for the EGA (and VGA).
As of this writing, it has been in use on several computers for two
years; no reports of bugs or incompatibilities with other TSRs have
emerged. In response to an unexpected number of recent requests,
and despite the late date ("Just what the world needs: another EGA
screen blanker."), I am releasing the program.

The present version (2.1) of SCRNSAVE has a few features that may
give it an edge over other similar utilities:

* the timeout interval can be set from the command line;

* automatic screen blanking can be disabled and
reenabled from the command line;

* the screen can be immediately blanked with a hotkey;

* SCRNSAVE checks if an EGA (or VGA) is present before
installing itself, and in the absence of such an
adapter will not remain resident;

* when resident, SCRNSAVE consumes only 550 bytes
(not counting the size of the environment in force
at the time of installation, which neither DOS nor
SCRNSAVE frees);

* even within many programs that sieze the keyboard (for
instance, Windows), the screen can be automatically
un-blanked by hitting any shift key;

* of course, it checks to see if it is already resident
before installing itself, and will not install itself


The screen may be blanked from the keyboard with the hotkey
Alt-Shift-Ctrl-B. On "enhanced" (sic !) keyboards, either
the lefthand or righthand shift keys (i.e., all three of them)
may be used.




if -n is given, (1 n 60), then the screen will blank
after n minutes of no keyboard activity;

if -ON is given, then screen blanking is (re-)enabled,
using the last timeout value (the default
is 5);

if -OFF is given, then screen blanking is disabled.

Giving no parameter is is equivalent to specifying "-ON"; SCRNSAVE
will ensure that the screen is not blanked, and will report the
current timeout interval.

If any other parameter is given, SCRNSAVE reports its state
(installed or not), and writes its syntax (including the hotkey !).


provides a crib-sheet.

Suggestions, Bug Reports

Suggestions for enhancements to SCRNSAVE or to its documentation, and
reports of bugs or anomalies, should be communicated to the author:

Brian O'Neill Compuserve [72617,1541]


This program, SCRNSAVE.COM, and its accompanying documentation are
copyright (C) 1988 of the author, Brian O'Neill.

You are hereby licensed to use this program on any number of computers
simultaneously; and to distribute the program together with its
documentation (this document), either by copying them to storage media
or by telecommunicating them.

You are expressly prohibited, however, from distributing the program
without an unaltered copy of this document; and from distributing an
altered version of the program together with this document, without
also distributing, along with the altered program and unaltered
documentation, a separate document stating the nature of the
alteration to SCRNSAVE.COM and identifying the party or parties
responsible for said alteration(s).

Non-profit organizations are prohibited from charging any fee for
distributing the program and its documentation that exceeds by more
than $10 the currently prevailing cost of materials distributed.

Neither the program nor its documentation may be included in any
commercial package whatsoever, without prior written consent of
the author.

The author shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential
or incidental damages resulting from, or seeming to result from, use
or distribution of the program.

Use of this program constitutes agreement to the preceding seven
paragraphs, as well as to the proposition that by such use you become
bound to the terms of this agreement.

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