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EGA/VGA screen alignment and colours test.
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EGA/VGA screen alignment and colours test.
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Contents of the TARGET3.DOC file

Target3 provides an excellent EGA/VGA alignment tool.

... The outside rectangle reflects the maximum horizon-
tal and vertical parameters of the graphic display
(640x350 EGA, 640x480 VGA).

... The large circle provides a means of accurately ad-
justing horizontal and vertical size proportionately.

... The fine crosshatch may be used for adjustment of
'pincushion' and linearity.

... The corner spirals are a good target for focus and
color purity.

Examination of the Turbo Pascal .pas file will show that the
program forces VGA mode 2. To operate in EGA, remove that sub-
routine and recompile.

Note ... the Borland .BGI driver must be in the same direc-
tory as Target3.Exe to perform correctly.

Please feel free to modify ... any suggestions would be ap-

Doug Price
1265 Pinewood Dr.
Melbourne, Florida

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