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Program to identify Video Board and chip mfg.
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Program to identify Video Board and chip mfg.
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Contents of the VIDEOID.DOC file

Execute VIDEOID to identify the type of video adapter(s). The information is
written both to the screen and also to a text file named VIDEOID.TXT

The first six steps, identifying the installed video adapter(s) are based on
routines from Richard Wilton's "Programmer's Guide to PC and PS/2 Video
Systems" (Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-55615-103-9) with minor modifications to
identify 64k/256k EGAs. An improved Hercules detect routine is based on
David B. Doty's "Programmer's Guide to the Hercules Graphics Cards"
(Addison-Wesley Publishing, ISBN 0-201-11885-8).

If an EGA or VGA is detected, a seventh step dumps the first 216 bytes of
video RAM to show the manufacturer's copyright notice.

If a VGA is detected, step 8 attempts to identify the chipset manufacturer
and the amount of video memory, if possible. These routines are primarily
based on John Bridges' VGAKIT with modifications and additions. VideoId adds
detect routines for DGIS, the IBM 8514/a, the IBM XGA, the Hercules Graphics
Station and additional memory tests, where available.

Much thanks to Bill Hinkle for the Tseng 4000 memory detection and to
Bert Tyler for the IBM XGA routines!

detect memory memory test results
------- ------- ---------------------
AcuMos vgakit vgakit 256k, 512k, 1meg
Ahead Systems type A vgakit ???k
Ahead Systems type B vgakit ???k
ATI vgakit VIDEOID 256k, 512k, 1meg
Cirrus vgakit vgakit ???k
Compaq vgakit vgakit 512k
Chips & Technologies vgakit vgakit 256k, 512k
Everex vgakit vgakit 256k, 512k, 1meg
Genoa vgakit ???k
Hercules Graphics Station VIDEOID VIDEOID 1meg
IBM 8514/a VIDEOID ???k
NCR vgakit vgakit ???k
Oak Technologies vgakit vgakit 256k, 512k, 1meg
Paradise vgakit VIDEOID 256k, 512k
Trident vgakit ???k
Trident 8900 vgakit vgakit 256k, 512k, 1meg
Tseng 3000 vgakit ???k
Tseng 4000 vgakit VIDEOID 256k, 512k, 1meg
VBE (VESA) vgakit ???k
Video7 vgakit vgakit 256k, 512k, 1meg

I'll try to update this as more chipsets surface, and WELCOME hearing from
anyone who can fill in the gaps. As of this writing (12/19/1991), we need
video memory detection for:

- Ahead Systems (A & B)

- Genoa GVGA

- IBM 8514/a
(The AFI HQMode - Query Current Mode returns the number of bit
planes, which should indicate 4 planes=512k and 8 planes=1meg, but
SEEMS to return 8 planes even when the 1meg memory expansion isn't


- Trident, pre-8900

- Tseng 3000

Bob Berry

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